Welcome to SharpCloud v9 - A Great New User Experience

 Multiple dates and times  Online

This webinar will help you get oriented in using the great new UI and become even more productive when working with SharpCloud.

Decision making with SharpCloud - Unlocking SharpCloud Insights for Leadership & Executives

 Always available  Video

A video aimed at leaders and execs to explain what a SharpCloud story is and demonstrate how to open a story, navigate around and play a presentation, after a story has been shared with you.

SharpCloud Discovery Day

 28 November 2019  London

10am - 1pm (GMT)

Come and hear from our customers

Hear how companies are managing their portfolios and communicating complex data using SharpCloud, improving team collaboration and transforming their business processes and productivity.

Get Started with SharpCloud

 Multiple dates  Online

4pm (GMT) | 11am (EDT) | 10am (CDT)

This session is for new users who want to quickly get up and running with SharpCloud, or anyone who is curious about SharpCloud and wants to know more.

An introduction to SharpCloud for Enterprise

 Multiple dates  Online

4pm (GMT) | 11am (EDT) | 10am (CDT)

In this webinar you’ll learn how SharpCloud for Enterprise can improve your process efficiency, engage your business teams and create unique new insights.

Import, automate and manage your data in SharpCloud

 Multiple dates  Online

4pm (GMT) | 11am (EDT) | 10am (CDT)

Learn how SharpCloud interprets your data and how to make the most of the flexible options available for importing, automating and transforming your data.

Make your SharpCloud stories look great!

 Multiple dates  Online

4pm (GMT) | 11am (EDT) | 10am (CDT)

Create really great stories and views that get your message across, engage your colleagues and create that ‘wow’. This course goes beyond the basics and gives you tips and tricks for making your stories really stand out.

Run great workshops with SharpCloud

 Multiple dates  Online

 4pm (BST) | 11am (EDT) | 10am (CDT)

Run great workshops with SharpCloud Learn how SharpCloud can support your desired workshop process resulting in the production of a rich, interactive and shared Story that participants can collaborate on and interact with well beyond the workshop session.