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Connect to anything, visualize everything

SharpCloud's Data Connectors make it easy to visualize data from other systems, and keep your story updated without lifting and shifting lots of data manually, or messing around with exporting from one system to import to another.

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred applications

We are continuously adding more connectors to our suite of connectors - If there is one that you have in mind, please get in touch and we might already have a way of solving that challenge!

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Explore the possibilities with data connectors

The connectors enable importing items and relationships, including attribute values, into your SharpCloud stories.

They allow creating, updating, and deleting items and relationships, ensuring alignment with other systems.

Scheduled batch updates are also supported, automating hourly or daily runs from source data to seamlessly maintain your stories without manual intervention.

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We have a strong partnership with CData, a connectivity platform business that enables users to leverage CData drivers, providing access to over 200 connectors.

If you have an account with CData, you can use our CData CloudConnect connector, which allows you to harness the multitude of connectors offered by CData.


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If you're not ready yet, we encourage you to reach out for a conversation, we genuinely look forward to delving into the ways in which SharpCloud can address your unique challenges.

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