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Are you a decision-maker, portfolio manager, or business strategist aiming to elevate your strategic portfolio management approach? This demo is especially for you.

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Helping portfolio prioritization in the defence industry

Case Study

Boosting portfolio performance

Team Defence Information (TD-Info) is a collaborative association that supports government and industry in their effort to keep the nation's defence strategy effective, efficient, and aligned with security objectives. SharpCloud was used to break down fragmented spreadsheet and team information across the 140 member companies. SharpCloud's software empowered the team to identify their strategic priorities and significantly reduce waste, improving their 'on-track' performance across all the whole asset portfolio.


“SharpCloud highlights the dependencies and groups contributing to the areas of focus set by the 3* Generals and provides the option to dive down into the details they need to make those important decisions.”

Phil Williams, Managing Director


Project Objectives

Uncover siloed and cross-regional project dependencies

There were 10,000 pages of project data spreadsheets across all member stakeholders. SharpCloud was tasked to pull the critical information and data from the disparate spreadsheets and siloed teams and enable Team Defence Information to understand the dependencies and projects that contributed most to their strategic imperatives. 

Improve Resource Management

With so many fragmented projects trying to work together, it was inevitable that gaps existed in expertise and resources. The different disconnected teams just didn't have visibility of where these gaps existed. The need to uncover and empower the reduction of ongoing project inefficiencies was a critical objective of the SharpCloud scope.

Team collaboration
There was no direct line visibility of the whole portfolio to the 3* Generals. The data reported was quickly out of date and irrelevant by the time the advisory board reviewed it. This was severely impacting trust in the data and decision making. Creating an immediate cross portfolio reporting process with up to date data was a key part of the strategic portfolio objective.

Optimizing Success: The crucial importance of a 30,000-foot view in defence Portfolio Management

SharpCloud offered Team Defence Information a powerful 'big picture' of visibility of the whole portfolio of assets and projects. It enabled lots of people from different companies, sectors, and seniority from across the MOD and UK industry, to work together on the same platform. 

SharpCloud uncovered the dependencies and groups contributing most to the strategic objectives set by the 3* Generals and provided the details they need to make those important decisions. It has since contributed to empowering the group to find ways to reduce waste, including inefficient projects and time across every project.

Knowledge Management gave Team Defence and the senior stakeholders within the MOD powerful insight and ability to retain critical and competitive 

knowledge before it was too late. The connection between the needed expertise and goals across the group was impossible before SharpCloud By determining the skills needed Team Defence Information were able to highlight the critical resource gaps across the entire portfolio.

In an environment that often requires rapid response and adaptability, SharpCloud's portfolio management software helped facilitate agility in decision making for the 3* Generals. SharpCloud helped align projects and programs and people with the strategic objectives, ensuring that resources were directed toward initiatives that contributed to overall mission success and the long term strategic roadmap.


Why Use SharpCloud?

  • SharpCloud provided a powerful roadmap and plan that will continue to manage the strategic portfolio with real-time data, ensuring its continued relevance and usefulness for all stakeholders as influential factors evolve over time.

  • SharpCloud revealed priceless insights that were previously concealed or absent in cross-functional and siloed management of traditional databases. By identifying crucial connections and interdependencies, the Team Defence Information roadmap can be confidently pursued, ensuring its accuracy, up-to-date information, and a comprehensive perspective on everything essential for confident decision making. 


  • SharpCloud's ability to visually represent intricate interconnections and their precise influence on strategy execution fosters clear engagement and strategic alignment among diverse stakeholders, businesses, and teams.

  • SharpCloud's flexibility empowered stakeholders to navigate and filter the roadmap, focusing on elements relevant to their needs. While offering a comprehensive view of the big picture and vision, the roadmap also enabled individual stakeholders, decision-makers, investors, and policy-makers to craft personalized directions in-line with the delivery of the roadmap.


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