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About this webinar

This webinar dives into the power of alignment across your teams. Eliminate misalignment, missed deadlines, and unengaged shareholders with advice and best practices from our Oracle guest speaker, David Bullard, an industry expert with over 20 years of experience in project and portfolio management.

Benefits of the webinar

Stakeholder management

Identify and manage your stakeholders and team to better align the organization's cadence.

Track your goals

Align your tasks and goals into a strategic roadmap.

One true source of information

Visualize compelling data from various sources into one centralized roadmap.

Strategic alignment

Discover why strategic alignment is so important across your portfolio.

David Bullard

Meet the expert

David Bullard

Senior Director, Industry Innovation


David Bullard is a Senior Director at Oracle with 20+ years of experience across all facets of project and portfolio management. David has a clear understanding of how to align your business across your projects and initiatives and why it's important - and he joined us to answer your alignment questions in our Q&A session.


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