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Embedded SharpCloud Story

Engage your audience like never before by embedding an interactive real-time roadmap, powered by SharpCloud, directly on your website.

How to embed your story

You can embed any SharpCloud story into any website using an iFrame, here is how:

1. Make your story public from the 'publish this story' tab in the share dialog.

2. Add the following code to your website, where the src is set to the url of your story:

<iframe src="https://academy.sharpcloud.com/html/#/story/8b9e8700-bf62-4714-93c8-99f599edcf5a/view/77a4ab25-2492-473b-9781-d61b5a9b06cf?hideHeader=both" id="embeddedStoryFrame" scrolling="no" width=1200 height=900 frameborder="1">

Example: SharpCloud roadmap



  • You must be the story owner

  • You need a SharpCloud license. If you don't have one, click here to create a free licence.


If you need further assistance or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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