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Roadmapping Quebec's 2030 electric and smart transportation vision

Case Study

Quebec's decarbonization plan

Propulsion Quebec, an organization backed by the Canadian government, wanted our help in their mission to accelerate the development of Quebec's electrical and smart transportation. The ambition was to create an industry-integrated action plan for carbon reduction across the transportation system and at the same time propel Quebec's economy. SharpCloud Software empowered the team to identify 8 strategic priorities and create a real-time roadmap to guide their progress to success.


“SharpCloud has helped a lot to achieve our goals! Among many tools, theirs is the one we picked because of its versatility, and because their team is there to help.”

Romain Gayet, Project Lead


The project objectives

Unlock insights to enable growth for electric and smart transportation solutions across Quebec

Discover fresh value prospects

SharpCloud's ability to map the relationships between goals and initiatives down to the day-to-day tasks and provide a live, real-time overview of progress enabled Quebec to prioritize their 8 strategic ambitions and have view any insights they need for decision-making.

Roadmap for the future
The versatile coding framework of SharpCloud makes it simple to swiftly adjust the roadmap in response to changing circumstances within the market. By using SharpCloud, Quebec can react quickly to changes in market conditions, keeping the Ambition EST 2030 roadmap up to date and relevant to all stakeholders.
Collaboration across stakeholders

SharpCloud brings clarity to complex data with it's easy to follow visuals. This allowed Quebec to create the Ambition EST 2030 roadmap, which is accessible and understandable to all stakeholders without sacrificing the quality of insights or information.


Ambition EST 2030 Roadmap: Where we are now and what the future holds

The Ambition EST 2030 Roadmap is publicly available, allowing all stakeholders to interact and view progress on Quebec's 8 key objectives, which keeps everyone up-to-date on what is completed, what is actively being worked on, what is planned for the future, and more. Accompanied by dozens of other unique features that make SharpCloud a roadmapping tool like no other, Propulsion Quebec can confidently plan all initiatives in SharpCloud to work towards a greener and more sustainable Quebec transport infrastructure and economy by 2030.


Why use SharpCloud?

  • SharpCloud provided a roadmap and plan that can be readily updated with real-time data, ensuring its continued relevance and usefulness for all stakeholders as it evolves over time.
  • SharpCloud revealed priceless industry insights that were previously concealed or absent in traditional databases. By identifying crucial connections and cross-sector interdependencies, the Ambition EST 2030 roadmap can be confidently pursued, ensuring its accuracy, up-to-date information, and a comprehensive perspective on everything essential for its successful execution.

  • SharpCloud's ability to visually represent intricate interconnections and their precise influence on strategy execution fosters clear engagement and strategic alignment among diverse stakeholders, businesses, and teams.

  • SharpCloud's flexibility empowered stakeholders to navigate and filter the Roadmap, focusing on elements relevant to their needs. While offering a comprehensive view of the big picture and vision, the roadmap also enabled individual stakeholders, decision-makers, investors, and policy-makers to craft personalized directions in-line with the delivery of the Amibtion EST 2030 roadmap.


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