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About SharpCloud

SharpCloud is an innovative new mapper platform that allows you to visualize data for a wide range of business purposes.

The SharpCloud Platform

In an increasingly complex world, with more and more interconnected elements and a proliferation of data points, the SharpCloud platform brings clarity to a wide range of business users.


At its heart, it is a piece of leading-edge software that uniquely tracks data points - uploaded from a wide range of databases – transforming and presenting them into a series of visual frames. From there, it's a simple matter to arrange and sort them by any number of fields, allowing users to view and assess the relationships between each data point visually, and from every angle, often connecting different parts of the organization that would otherwise be missed. This allows businesses to see problems before they occur, enabling them to make adjustments that will save time and money.


SharpCloud Roadmapper does this for R&D and product teams, often battling to corral the competing interests of territories, technologies, suppliers, products, budgets and even risks.


Other businesses also use the SharpCloud platform to bring clarity to their Net Zero goals, their ESG strategies, and with their risk, portfolio, finance and innovation planning.


SharpCloud is an Anglo-American business. Created and headquartered in London by Sarim Khan and Rusty Johnson and with clients in the aerospace, defence, manufacturing, and utilities sectors, it has found favour with the US Defence and Aeronautics sector, which has led to a spike in growth in North America.