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QueryConnect (PC ONLY)

Connect SharpCloud stories directly to your on-prem database.

Write your own SQL Queries, test, generate batch files and schedule them to automate the process of building SharpCloud stories from your business data.

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If you have problems installing the application from the link above you can download the application files here. Please note that the zip version will not automatically update as new versions are released.

SharpCloud SDK

The SharpCloud API provides a mechanism through which other IT systems can directly communicate with the SharpCloud database via an object model-based interface.

This API serves the purpose of both reading and writing data to and from SharpCloud. It facilitates access to all data objects within a SharpCloud story, including items, attributes, and panels.

The current implementation enables the loading, modification, and saving of changes to data within an existing SharpCloud story.

We have successfully implemented the API for numerous clients to automate various tasks involving the manipulation of SharpCloud data. An illustrative example is the creation and assignment of tags to items when specific criteria are met.

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