SharpCloud for Desktop

Keep working without an internet connection.

Make sure your stories can be presented at any time. Full access to images and documents, make edits and synchronize the changes when you are ready.

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Please note that if you previously installed v1 you will not have access to your offline story data or previously connected domains in the latest v2 release.

QueryConnect (PC ONLY)

Connect SharpCloud stories directly to your on-prem database.

Write your own SQL Queries, test, generate batch files and schedule them to automate the process of building SharpCloud stories from your business data.

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If you have problems installing the application from the link above you can download the application files here. Please note that the zip version will not automatically update as new versions are released.

Item Synchronizer (PC ONLY)

Copy or syncronize items from one story to another.

Create new stories from existing stories by re-using items. Check if items have been modified, then automatically synchronize the changes from one story to another.

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Post-It Notes App (PC ONLY)

Turn your static workshop content into dymanic, living, digital documents.

This application works best with the Post-It Plus application for iPhone/iPad.

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