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Simplifying complex business decisions

How Data Visualisation can Boost your Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) industry is booming. According to Gartner, the BI and analytics software market is forecast to grow to a whopping $22.8 billion by the end of 2020, up from $18.3 billion in 2017.

The huge explosion in data we’re experiencing has no doubt been a decisive contributor to the sector’s rise, but what part has data visualisation had to play? A key agent or just more pie charts and PowerPoints sending people to sleep?

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Common Challenges in Risk Communication

No matter the  organisation  involved or the approach used,  risk  will never be completely eliminated from business activities. Instead, the goal of risk management is to enable a project to meet business goals in the presence of uncertainty. The communication and reporting of risk is a key part of this process, yet remains an under-developed and often troublesome practice. So what are some of the common challenges to be faced in risk communication? 

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More frequent Strategic Planning improves business productivity

Forward-looking companies are throwing out their calendar-driven, business-unit-focused planning processes and replacing them with continuous, issues-focused decision making, using technology to enhance internal communication and collaboration. In place of the previous rigidity and divergence, strategy, road mapping and co-innovation all become organic, continually adapting as the future unfolds.

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5 Key Factors in Risk Management

Like enterprise and the world around it, risk management is dynamic and, today more than ever, needs to incorporate a comprehensive approach that can move with the changing corporate tide. 

Risk exists in the most basic elements of a workplace, such as people and equipment, as well as potential emergency situations and unpredictable events such as the rising impact of COVID-19 worldwide.

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4 Advantages of Strategic Roadmapping

What is Strategic Roadmapping?

Roadmapping is the powerful process of creating an engaging, strategic blueprint that will help you illustrate where your business currently is, where you want to take it going forward, and how you’re going to get there.

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