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The SharpCloud Blog

The SharpCloud team share their insights into visual roadmapping, dynamic presentations and the project planning process

Meet SharpCloud for Workshops Pathfinder, Sarah Parry, from Chaucer Consulting

"With SharpCloud, your curiosity is instantly switched on. By default, you decide which bit of information you want to dig into, how you want to view the data, or where you want to go you within the story."

- Sarah Parry, Knowledge Manager, Chaucer

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SharpCloud for SharePoint and Excel

SharpCloud is visual software for strategic portfolio management. We provide executive management with new insights and relationships across their organisation. Typical use-cases include; Enterprise Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Innovation and IT Roadmapping.

As an interactive data visualisation platform, SharpCloud can help improve strategic portfolio management across the business and communication to your leadership teams. SharpCloud is brilliant at blending and leveraging data and resources from the line of business tools you currently use to support, run and deliver your Strategic Portfolio.

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UK Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem in SharpCloud

UK has the potential to be the market leader for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

KTN has collated publicly available information about CAV organisations in the UK, including their areas of expertise and resources, and has mapped the relationships between them into a SharpCloud story, creating a map of the UK CAV ecosystem. 

The CAV UK SharpCloud database of organisations is now available for all to see and explore.

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Meet SharpCloud for Project Portfolio Management Pathfinder, Jason Hier, from Roelto

"The way SharpCloud enables you to roll up and aggregate the information, and look at it from a project portfolio, risk or milestone perspective, makes it a very powerful tool for senior management and leadership teams to make more informed proactive decisions." 

  - Jason Hier, CEO, Roelto  

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Meet SharpCloud Visualisation Pathfinder, Chris Panteli, from Chaucer Consulting

"SharpCloud is great for visualising your data and bringing another dimension into your discussions. Being able to navigate data quickly and easily, through different customisable views, speeds up the business process."

- Chris Panteli, Managing Consultant, Chaucer Consulting

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