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The SharpCloud Blog

The SharpCloud team share their insights into visual roadmapping, dynamic presentations and the project planning process

Enhance Your Business Processes with SharpCloud REST API

SharpCloud is an interactive data visualisation platform. It differs from and is complimentary to, more traditional MIS and BI platforms that focus on delivering a wide range of charts, graphs and dashboards, by creating a unique experience for the end user. SharpCloud takes you on a journey with the data from your line of business systems, enabling you to present it, edit it, augment it, draw relationships from it and comment on it in real time and in multiple dimensions.

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Meet SharpCloud for Innovation Pathfinder Phil Pitman, from Costain

"As an organisation, we have seen the value-added benefit of using SharpCloud with our innovation process and have established a service offering for our clients that utilises SharpCloud for roadmapping as one of our core services."

 - Phil Pitman, Rail Sector Innovation Manager at Costain Group PLC

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Enhance your Business Processes with SharpCloud Annotations

I could clearly see the opportunity for SharpCloud to appeal to broader enterprise user communities via focused use-case and product integrations. SharpCloud is different! It compliments line of business BI tools and its ability to provide powerful visualisation combined with relationships, makes it unique in identifying new insights for strategic decision making. In this third blog of the series, I’ll be exploring how our Annotations capability is providing a greater user-experience for your leadership team and other stakeholders.

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Meet SharpCloud for Digital Transformation Pathfinder, Craig Wallace, from CGI


"For the organisation, we're driving best practice, being more productive and generating better quality outputs as SharpCloud is reducing the time it takes to carry out the work. We're not having to reinvent the wheel and we can focus more on the content rather than the technology."

Craig Wallace, Global Head - Emerging Technology Business Intelligence COE at CGI


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Enhance your Business Processes with Office 365 and SharpCloud Integration

I joined SharpCloud to delve deeper into the usage of SharpCloud for end to end business solutions, and to provide greater support and guidance to Customers and Partners in delivering solutions powered by SharpCloud. As the volume of information and data grows, so does our need to easily capture, organise, visualise and share it. Communicating complex and vast sets of data in a compelling and engaging way is an age-old problem.

Enterprise workers struggle to effectively collaborate and tell their stories in context across linear slide decks, spreadsheets and email. Tools born on the cloud, that are fully integrated with Office 365 have seen themselves become a vital part of the business landscape and how we work. Creating and sharing content and working together has never been easier.

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