SharpCloud Pathfinders

Meet our SharpCloud Pathfinders; key influencers who regularly demonstrate and recommend best-practice using SharpCloud

Here at SharpCloud we spend a lot of time working with brave people who are challenging the status quo and finding a new way to achieve their business objectives.

Our Pathfinders Program is designed to benefit these forward-thinking people and their businesses, who are sharing and promoting industry best-practice, using SharpCloud, to reinvent a business process. We believe pathfinders are the business leaders of the future.

Meet our Pathfinders

Nathan Burkholder


Michael Barry


Thomas Fletcher


Chris Panteli



SharpCloud Pathfinder Program

Find out about the range of benefits and account privileges on offer to accredited Pathfinders, to support their enthusiasm and expertise for SharpCloud, in turn helping to raise their personal credibility and industry recognition.

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We want to work with you to help raise your profile as a SharpCloud expert across your business use case and a key influencer in your industry.