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The SharpCloud Blog

The SharpCloud team share their insights into visual roadmapping, dynamic presentations and the project planning process

Meet SharpCloud Pathfinder Care in Action with Chaucer

Meet SharpCloud for IT Roadmapping Pathfinder, Todd Nacapuy, from State of Hawaii

Asset Insights: SharpCloud Partner for UK Transport & Infrastructure

Meet SharpCloud for Innovation Pathfinder, Michael Barry, from BMT

Meet SharpCloud for Digital Transformation Pathfinder, Craig Wallace, from CGI

2018 Review - Customer unlocking new insights and value with SharpCloud

Meet SharpCloud for Innovation Pathfinder, Andy Bennett, from the Knowledge Transfer Network

SharpCloud Software: Leadership Narratives across Business Portfolios

Meet SharpCloud for Risk Pathfinder, David Shipp from Network Rail

BMT Receive Chaucer Digital Innovation Award

State of Hawaii Receive Chaucer Digital Innovation Award

Meet SharpCloud for Data Visualisation & Analytics Pathfinder, Richard Couillard, from CGI

What is Strategic Roadmapping?

Meet SharpCloud for Product & Project Management Pathfinder, Diana Grauer, from Hoerbiger

Meet SharpCloud for GDPR Pathfinder, Lindsay Charman, from Chaucer Consulting

Meet SharpCloud for Innovation & Strategy Pathfinder, Ron Oren, from Transport Systems Catapult

SharpCloud Thought Leadership - September

Meet SharpCloud for Project Management Pathfinder, Nathan Dillon, from Thermo Fisher

Think Prezi Alternative: Think Data Visualisation

The Chaucer Digital Innovation Award Winners: State of Hawaii and BMT

Meet SharpCloud for Technology Roadmaps Pathfinder, Pete Osborne from the AMRC

SharpCloud Thought Leadership Group - June

Great British ScaleUp: SharpCloud

How Data Visualisation can Boost your Business Intelligence

Meet SharpCloud for Workshops Pathfinder, Sarah Parry, from Chaucer Consulting

Meet SharpCloud for Project Portfolio Management Pathfinder, Jason Hier, from Roelto

SharpCloud SharePoint Special Interest Group

SharpCloud Thought Leadership Group - May

Business Insights across SharePoint with SharpCloud

IT Data Transparency Program for CIOs

Increase Transparency, Boost Productivity

SharpCloud Thought Leadership Group

SharpCloud US Events - Customer Success Stories 

Why KITEWIRE is SharpCloud's Preferred Technology Provider for the US Government

Changing the Way Government Is Run in Hawaii using Roadmapping in SharpCloud

What's Most Important in Risk Communication?

Common Challenges in Risk Communication

Using Roadmapping in SharpCloud to Break Down Strategic Planning Barriers in Washington State

New Download: Enterprise Risk Management: Issues and Opportunities in Communication

Meet SharpCloud for Roadmapping Pathfinder, Lewis Choi, from Thermo Fisher  

Meet SharpCloud Visualisation Pathfinder, Chris Panteli, from Chaucer Consulting

SharpCloud Product Updates, November 2017

SharpCloud Software Secures First Round Growth Funding, with Headline Investor Chaucer Consulting

Meet SharpCloud for Risk Pathfinder, Thomas Fletcher, from Chaucer Consulting

Why Babcock are Preferred SharpCloud Technology Provider for UK Government

Meet SharpCloud for Innovation Pathfinder, Michael Barry, from BMT

Meet SharpCloud for Strategic Planning Pathfinder, Nathan Burkholder, from KITEWIRE

Why Customising Agile Can Deliver Greater Benefits

5 of the Best Presentation Software Tools That Won't Break the Bank

SharpCloud for Enterprise

Become A SharpCloud Pathfinder

Why Data Visualisation Will Always Surpass Spreadsheets

Dynamic Collaboration Brings SharpCloud and Babcock to Market

Announcing Bvolve as SharpCloud Partner in the Netherlands

How to Build an Effective Project Management Framework

Using Risk Information to Enhance Partner Relationships

5 of the Best Presentation Software Tools for Creativity

What Makes the Best Presentation Software?

How Strategic Planning Software Can Help You Keep Control of your Project

SharpCloud on Microsoft Azure Breaks Down Silos & Transforms Team Performance

SharpCloud For Your GDPR

Announcing The Chaucer Group as SharpCloud Enterprise Partner

Will Your Business be GDPR Ready?

We Love Touch

Trends Forecast: 5 Key Factors in Risk Management for 2017

Trends Forecast: The Future of Project Portfolio Management in 2017

Trends Forecast: The Future of Roadmapping in 2017

5 Ways to Visualise Risk

What Makes a Visually Impressive Presentation?

Key Benefits of a Digital Dynamic Roadmap

The Importance of Relationships

How to Create a Compelling Product Roadmap in 5 Simple Steps

Network Rail & SharpCloud Discuss Risk Visualisation at the IRM, 8th November

5 Alternatives to Microsoft Project for Project Portfolio Management

What is Product Roadmapping?

Top Tips for Effective Project Portfolio Management Communication

5 Ways SharpCloud is the Ideal Prezi Alternative

4 Essential Features of Project Portfolio Management Software

Automating Enterprise Risk Reporting

What is Project Portfolio Management?

SharpCloud Deployment Options

The Digital Project Reporting Solution

A New Landscape for Product Roadmapping

Prioritization is Essential for Successful Product Roadmapping

The Business Case for a Digital PMO (Project Management Office)

Collaboration and Communication of Enterprise Risks

Uplift SharePoint Content into Visual Stories

Why Businesses Need To Be Agile

Your Visual Product Roadmaps Will Result In Better Product Management

SharpCloud Is More Than Just Data Visualisation

ATI - Navigating the European Funding Landscape

Announcing Free SharpCloud for Small Business for MBA Students

Roadmapping Case Study using SharpCloud

Building an App for Microsoft Surface Hub

OnWindows Online features SharpCloud for Microsoft Surface Hub App

Technology Strategy for Intelligent Mobility - Online Repository using SharpCloud

Network Rail Win IRM Global Risk Award 2016 using SharpCloud!

The MTC's 'Project Hopper' Visualisation using SharpCloud

SharpCloud for Microsoft Surface Hub In-Store Now!

Product Management with SharpCloud

The Future of Work - Digital Events

Partner & Customer Webinar Programme - April 2016

Your Business Needs Storytelling

Be An Effective Collaborator!

The Future of Work - The Power of the Group

SharpCloud for Project Management using QueryConnect

CGI Blog: Digital Transformation - The 14 Steps to a Digital Business

Visualising and Communicating Your Roadmaps, Portfolios and Plans

The Digital Transformation Journey

SharpCloud and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions at CeBIT 2016

Digital Transformation at North Somerset Council

The Future of Work - Collaboration in the Office

Partner & Customer Webinar Programme - March 2016

The Future of Work - Cloud Collaboration

VisualFUSE: The year ahead

CGI Blog: Digital Transformation - Flying or falling with style?

Storytelling for Office 365 with SharpCloud

What is Business Storytelling?

CGI Blog: Digital Transformation - Treading Water or Truly Transforming?

Presentation Power - Modernizing Business Solution Storytelling

"User Centric" Innovation - Misleading or not?

Partner & Customer Webinar Programme - February 2016

The Future of Work - Effective Collaboration

Customer Webinar: Hear from North Somerset Council

Why Visuals are Key to Storytelling

The Future of Work - Stay Flexible and Agile

Business Storytelling - Visually Communicate & Connect

Customer Webinar: North Somerset Council

You and Your Business Need to Master the Art of Storytelling

The Future of Work - Digital Workplace

Business Storytelling Digest 08.01.16

Does Your Business Need Storytelling?

A New Year and more SharpCloud Partner Webinars

SharpCloud Live on Microsoft Pinpoint

SharpCloud Success Story Live on Microsoft Partner Network

Guest Blog: Roelto - A Modern Approach to Business Collaboration

Guest Blog: VisualFUSE 2015

Happy Christmas from SharpCloud!

SharpCloud 2015 - The Highlights!

The Role Visual Elements Play in Storytelling

SharpCloud and Microsoft Azure  - The Video!

Business Storytelling Digest 11.12.15

SharpCloud Now Available In The Microsoft Azure Active Directory Marketplace & Office Store

Tell a Story...and Tell It Well!

Weekly Webinar: Discover SharpCloud in 15 minutes!

Partner Webinar: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

The SharpCloud Business Storytelling Digest 4.12.15

Guest Blog - CGI: The journey for future cities requires a solid roadmap

SharpCloud Partner Webinar Success Continues!

SharpCloud Live on UK Government's G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

The 5 Fundamental Aspects of a Great Story

SharpCloud's New Zapier Integration App is Live!

Network Rail shortlisted for the IRM Global Risk Awards 2016 using SharpCloud!

The SharpCloud Business Storytelling Digest 27.11.15

What is the Difference between Storytelling and Presenting?

SharpCloud Partner Webinar Programme Gets Bigger and Better!

Discover SharpCloud in 15 minutes!

Partner Story of the Week - Vodera

The SharpCloud Business Storytelling Digest 20.11.15

End of Boring PowerPoint Presentations?

Network Rail Win ‘Risk Management Innovation of the Year’ using SharpCloud Software

SharpCloud Partner Webinar Programme gets off to a flying start

Partner Story of the Week - VisualFUSE

SharpCloud is growing up fast

Microsoft Announces UK Azure Data Centre

How to Digitize Post-It Notes

The SharpCloud Business Storytelling Digest 06.11.15

Why Does Your Business Need Storytelling?

Office 365 and Solving the Impossible Challenge

SharpCloud Feature Focus: Reply to Comments from Email

The SharpCloud Business Storytelling Digest

What Role Do Visual Elements Play in Storytelling?

Partner Story of the Week: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

SharpCloud Partner Webinar Programme

SharpCloud Joins Microsoft Partner Program

How to Tell a Story...and Tell It Well!

Data Structure Within SharpCloud

Vote for SharpCloud to Be On Stage with The Next Web in New York!

SharpCloud Feature Focus: Totals

What is Business Storytelling?

The Freedom of the Cloud and Increasing Productivity in the Office

One Digital Space: Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime

Storytelling: The Tool You and Your Business Need to Master

Better Strategic Planning to Suit All Levels of Management

PowerPoint Alternatives That Aid Digital Transformations

How New Digital Natives Are Now Transforming Business

SharpCloud Feature Focus: Click Events

The Future of Strategy, Road Mapping and Co-Innovation

The Corporate Memory Elephant in the Room

How to Do Real Customer Engagement With Confidence

SharpCloud Feature Focus: Item Border Colours

Recap: London Discovery Day, 17th September 2015

SharpCloud: One of 10 Boost Startups You Should Know About (The Next Web)

SharpCloud named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions provides the Business Productivity and Visualisation Solution SharpCloud on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Visual Communication Meets Visual Collaboration - Moorgate, London 6th March 2015

Birmingham Strategic Visualisation Workshop

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and SharpCloud Partner

Launching the SharpCloud Business Productivity Program

"Small Data" is a Big Thing

How to Use SharpCloud for Data Visualization

Just SharpCloud It!

Meet us in Dublin and London this November

What is the SharpCloud API?

Digital Workshops Bridge the Divide between Plans and Action

Is Your Business Ready For Digital Transformation?


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