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Your path to Net Zero

Scrabble Pieces Net Zero Carbon Now

Global carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced by 45 percent by 2030 from 2010 levels and reach net zero emissions by 2050. Companies need to accelerate their programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both in operations and throughout the supply chain.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero refers to when all greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere are equivalent to the greenhouse gases being removed from the atmosphere on a global scale (ClimateSeed, 2021).

What is carbon neutral?

Being Carbon Neutral means the amount of carbon (carbon dioxide) being emitted is equal to the amount of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere, thanks to carbon sinks such as forests, which absorb and store more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit. (European Parliament, 2021). 

Net Zero vs Carbon Neutral

Achieving carbon neutrality is when a company has balanced its carbon emissions with funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere. Net Zero is a similar concept to Carbon Neutral, however it goes beyond just carbon and is typically on a larger scale. In other words, net zero emissions will be achieved when human activity no longer causes global warming. 

The number of companies publicly committing to net zero carbon emissions has become a meaningful barometer for corporate seriousness about the climate change threat. It’s important to set a carbon-neutral goal that your company can work towards, define what steps fall within that goal and how they can be implemented.

Net Zero strategy

Trying to understand your current landscape is complex not least because the landscape is constantly changing. Static tools used for roadmapping and innovation cannot keep up and ‘time-consuming to create’ visuals or presentations become quickly irrelevant. Trying to communicate what projects are needed, which are on track, behind, working, or not working is impossible without the right tools to interpret the endless data at hand.

Many businesses are drowning in siloed data and lacking the insight and knowledge needed to make informed decisions around:

  • What initiatives or new capabilities are we trying to achieve?
  • How are those capabilities going to benefit us as a company?
  • How do we create alignment between cross functional teams and our overall strategy?
  • How do we communicate this complexity?


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5 steps to start your journey to Net Zero 

So how do you map all the information together to gain the insight you need to answer these critical business questions and move forward in the right direction?

  1. Start with Gap Analysis

    Set out your own measures for Net Zero and your Carbon Neutral Strategy to understand your Net Zero gaps and where you need to act. Identify what you want to measure and create your survey to gather information.

    Tip: SharpCloud's Forms feature automatically generates a QR Code with a maturity answer format (1 - 5), which you can share as many times as you wish to gather a full picture against your measurement.
  2. Monitor progress and engagement on measures

    When the responses are in you can begin your analysis – the gaps become visible. Use this ‘whole picture’ view to define the areas to work on first to resolve the gaps.Net Zero Gap Analysis
  3. Turn gaps into Strategic Priorities

    Your Gap Analysis has shown areas to focus on. Define your Strategic Priorities and Projects and connect them to bigger-picture goals, UN Sustainable Goals for example.

    It can be vital to see how everything works together and all the relationships. Connections enable you to see project work contributing to the Portfolio and Strategic Priorities and how your actions will return to carbon reduction targets over time.Connect to Strategic Goals
  4. Analyze Project Cost & Proposed Benefit

    View your projects, sized by project length, allowing you to see the extent of the activity needed to realize the benefit. Model changes by moving projects in real-time and see what difference it will make to your activity in terms of cost or benefit. You can see related projects and understand the impact of delivery. Net Zero Project Cost & Benefit

  5. Build your Carbon Reduction roadmap

    Carbon targets and projects to deliver. There is a commitment to halve our emissions each decade if we are to reach the targets for NetZero and limiting climate change. The lower view below shows the reduction of carbon over time. If the line is in the green - it is on track, if it is in the red it is at risk.Carbon Targets Roadmap View


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See the whole Net Zero picture

SharpCloud has a NetZero end-to-end solution specifically designed to kick off your NetZero Project. From Gap Analysis, Strategic Priorities, and Projects to measuring your progress against Carbon Reduction, our template will guide you through each step. 

Transform and connect your siloed data imported from Excel, SharePoint, and other line of business tools into meaningful information with SharpCloud. Easily upload and bring all your information together, organize and connect it how you want, and change it as needed.

Map and explore data relationships. Create relationships to see how data interacts with and impacts other data. Get a greater understanding of interconnected data with the power to focus on details and explore each dependency in-depth.

Focus on the work to be done. Different views let you see the same information from different angles. Use filters to understand priorities, visualize tasks and dependencies and expose weaknesses and risks. Anticipate problems and identify opportunities in a timely, highly collaborative manner.

Taking action on climate change and pursuing carbon neutrality is critical to the long-term success of organizations. Contact us today to find out how you can get started and let us help you achieve your Net Zero objectives.


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