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Technology Development Timeline - Digital Roadmap
Nicky ClarkeFebruary 25 20213 min read

Key Benefits of a Digital Roadmap

The core benefit of roadmapping is to visualize your business strategy, making it easier to communicate with all stakeholders and align to business outcomes. Designing your roadmap to be visually attractive is key for engagement and the level of buy-in from stakeholders.

Business digital strategy

Static roadmaps are often unengaging, quickly out of date and difficult to publish to a wider audience in a way that everyone understands them. A lack of common roadmapping structure can result in inconsistent reporting and clarity on progress or problems.

Without a strategic view of the roadmap, stakeholders can’t easily see the gaps in technology, resources or funding and it's difficult for leadership or teams to understand or track the impact of their decisions because relationships or interdependencies can't be easily visualized. 

With no real time mechanism for employees to feedback on the strategy, the static roadmap becomes obsolete and can’t operate in an agile way.

Discover how digital tools help you create robust strategic roadmaps in a shifting business landscape.

Digital strategic roadmap

By using a digital interactive roadmap with living content, ideas and insights, strategic decisions can be communicated easily and your roadmap can remain collaborative, agile, and adaptive to market conditions, rather than stuck in static documents.

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Digital roadmap template

A digital product roadmap ties the day-to-day work of product teams to the company’s vision for both the product and the wider business. Sharing and visualizing your product roadmap, will encourage internal transparency and assist the decision making process, as managers can clearly identify gaps in the product strategy.

Strategic roadmap Once the roadmap is visible, it may spark open conversations between stakeholders – resulting in a more collaborative organizational culture. Stakeholders gain a visual tool to see how a product is progressing and understand quickly how changes to the priority of one feature can impact other planned features and updates.

Digital transformation roadmap

Roadmapping helps managers arrive at a clear, shared vision of an organization’s future and understand the transformational steps needed to get there. From the initial stages of development to the presentation itself, SharpCloud can cover the entire roadmapping process with ease. 

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Digital roadmap presentation

SharpCloud has the design capabilities to clearly visualize your data and dynamic movement that rivals mainstream presentation software.

Take stakeholders on a journey through your roadmap with customizable data views and highlight key implementation issues, such as new system capabilities, project milestones, resources, and release plans. You can even dive deeper into the roadmap as questions arise or update data on the fly – all while giving your presentation.Roadmapping Use Case Hero

Key benefits of a digital roadmap

Using data-driven visual software, leadership and teams can achieve benefits around transparency, collaboration and co-creation. Strategic roadmaps can be a shared focal point of all discussions and stakeholder presentations and actions and decisions can be easily tracked and monitored. 

  • Save time and money by communicating a prioritized ‘big picture’ with a strategic roadmap that visualizes every dependency and its impact. Improve efficiency and a shared understanding, with the ability to drill down into detail when required, giving context to the content.
  • Meaningful high level insight – visualizing relationships helps stakeholders understand complex data  and dependencies quickly. Uncover hidden insight, identify and explore relationships, visualize timelines and create better transparency across the business.
  • Visual and Engaging - engage multiple stakeholders with dynamic, interactive presentations, from any device and have real time critical conversations. Dive down into detail with rich media and switch perspective to show timeline, dependencies, product or technology.
    Roadmap Timeline
  • Data driven and dynamic – changes are automatically reflected to all stakeholders. Data updates are fed into pre-configured dynamic views within your roadmap templates, without losing historical data.
  • Collaboration - capture and share new ideas and research from engaged users, working together on one story. Say goodbye to multiple disparate document updates – data changes are reflected instantly in real-time for everyone.
  • Most importantly, keep the message alive - with your living data and content structured in this visual format, conversations and knowledge transfer occurs naturally and regularly, progressing business.

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