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Discover a new perspective

All your work is visible, you can see impacts, connections, data and more in one place for the first time, helping inform strategic decisions.

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While you can’t make complex situations simple, you can bring clarity to them

An interconnected world
We live in a complex, interconnected world where one small change in your roadmap may have huge implications elsewhere. 
Too much data
Data volume is increasing exponentially and existing tools no longer provide the clarity you need. Upload data from spreadsheets, analyse it in SharpCloud and present with ease.
Complexity in business
International businesses swim against many tides - global supply chains, remote teams, technology, trade conditions. Visualize them all in SharpCloud.
The agility imperative
Nothing stands still in business… apart from possibly your roadmap. As the landscape around you shifts, SharpCloud will allow your plans to keep pace by visualizing the change.
  • Visualize everything
  • Visual relationships
  • Customizable views
  • Dynamic real time data
  • Better collaboration
  • Filter out noise

See every problem from every angle

Free your data from siloed tools and see how it all hangs together in one big picture.



See how it all hangs together

The only tool that connects your data and gives you valuable visibility and clarity right across your work.



A different perspective for your needs

So many different ways to view and understand your data, everyone’s covered.



Work with the same data

No more searching for the latest version of your data, its all available in one place, a single source of truth.



Build better roadmaps faster together

Boost productivity by working in sync with team mates and stakeholders.

Cut through the complexity

Hide or show data to find out what matters most and prioritize the work to be done.


Connect to anything, visualize everything

It’s easy to visualize data from other systems, and keep your roadmap updated without lifting and shifting lots of data manually.

Keep your data safe and secure in SharpCloud. With our easy-to-use interface, you can easily connect all your data sources and get a comprehensive view of your business.


How our customers get started with SharpCloud

  • Identify

    Identify the problem within your organisation

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_Designate


    Designate a solution champion and roadmap owner to keep you on track

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_Create

    Create a SharpCloud story and launch your solution

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_Collaborate

    Encourage collaboration and communication between departments 

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_Refine

    Update your story as you work to maintain clarity progress

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_Automate

    Realign business practices by automating your reports and presentations

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_Showcase


    Present your information and get involvement from leadership  

  • Website_CustomerFunnel_ROI
    Return on investment

    Realise the value of a SharpCloud roadmap

  • SWOT+
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping

Energize your team around one tool that can help you workshop with stakeholders for a full SWOT analysis

Example Image

Energize your team around one tool that can help you workshop with stakeholders for a full SWOT analysis, build a backlog of ideas with forms, prioritize with Kanban views, and show the path to realize your insights with built-in roadmaps.

Creating and managing your SWOT in SharpCloud gives immediate insight into relationships between items, the ability to rate priority and impact, and see when and where to take your best decisions to maximise opportunities and strengths.

Model any increase in costs - or reduced costs over time - and manage your budget and business cases for each project by portfolio.

Example Image

Analyze the projected costs and associated benefits from a granular to an organizational level.

View your projects by project area, by portfolio, by budget, by timeline, or anything else that's important to you, and get different perspectives on your data and the essential knowledge and insights you need to make clearer decisions around the areas needing your attention.

As you define your priorities, use SharpCloud to model your costs and benefits in terms of financial benefit and explore the wider impacts on your business.

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Identify key project stakeholders, understand their perspective and influence, and execute your engagement strategy.

Example Image

Whatever your goal, the management of your stakeholders is vital to your success.

Managing your stakeholders in SharpCloud gives you endless options to develop in-depth stakeholder profiles, monitor relationships over time, and empower your team to build a better communication strategy.

With insights into key stakeholders and their perspectives and priorities, you can develop better engagement strategies and identify potential issues to address before they hamper project success.

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Find out how companies are excelling with SharpCloud RoadMapper

FUTPRINT50 logo resized

Roadmap that integrates technology, research infrastructure, and regulations to increase the likelihood of a successful launch by 2035/40.

Thermo_Fisher_Scientific_logo resized

Dynamic roadmap that helps provide better transparency and improve visibility to how the overall Portfolio is doing, as well as individual projects.


Roadmap that is bringing in data from different areas of the business and making it more accessible for the customer.

All the enterprise-grade solutions you'll need

Connect to data in other systems with our CData CloudConnect connector, giving you access to 200+ connectors.
Data Security
We are certified in Cyber Essentials plus and ISOIEC 27001:2013 ensuring the security of your data.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure (US, UK, or EU), the AWS Marketplace or on-premises installation available.

Pricing Plans
Choose a plan that fits your needs from personal use through to business team packs or custom enterprise.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if SharpCloud will help me?

Other companies like you have seen huge benefits – they have experienced time saved, visibility, clarity, and connection of their work. People just like you trying to manage complex roadmapping or strategic business processes – in manufacturing, aerospace and defense, utilities, finance, government, R&D, innovation and more. From executive level to operations, you can flow your work through SharpCloud and see the big picture. 

Have a look at our case studies here for more insights. 


How much is SharpCloud going to cost me?

If you want to explore, you can get started on our Free Version. 

For teams of 5 users or more, you can buy direct from the AWS Marketplace.

If you want to try something more complex, or a bigger solution in your organization, our team can help you with your specific challenge and they will also be able to advise about pricing for a complex delivery.

How can I learn what to do, is it hard?

Getting started is easy. SharpCloud provides public and private training options to help you and your organization make the most of your investment in SharpCloud.

We run regular free introductory webinars to help you get started, plus a monthly accreditation program that recognizes you as a true SharpCloud expert. 

Alternatively, our resident experts will work with you to design the right training programme for you and your team. We provide tailored role-based training and off-the-shelf packages that can be combined to suit your specific needs.

Let our experts help you build your skills and learn best practices and develop a deep knowledge as you design and use your SharpCloud solutions for lasting business success. 

Why should I choose SharpCloud over another tool?

SharpCloud is the only tool that connects all your data and gives you valuable visibility and clarity right across your work, all in one place.

It’s fully customizable for your team, your organization and your needs – so if you are planning, delivering or wanting to model your data – SharpCloud will show you every problem from every angle and give you the easiest way of seeing how it all hangs together to help you deliver on your promises and vision.  

Uniquely, we take our customers to a new level in their decision-making, allowing them to immediately see and understand the "golden threads" within the business, including finance, resourcing and whether their technology is ready. We give you immediate insights into the broader impacts of small changes within complex systems you may have globally.

Can you cover my security needs?

Yes, we are security compliant and offer flexible solutions for your security needs, including hosting, on premise solutions and more.

We're certified in Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and hosted  on Microsoft Azure (US, UK, or EU), the AWS Marketplace.

Can I bring in my data from different sources?

Yes, you can, there is guidance on how to do this here but you can always speak to our team for help if you have a specific ask for your own organization. We’ve helped lots of people see their data in a new light so we’re happy to help you. 

I do planning, not roadmapping, can you tell me more?

Roadmapping is a term used for the strategic approach for organizations to visualize and control their delivery and optimize how they work. Roadmapping is the perfect match for SharpCloud so we use that terminology a lot where our clients do.  

However, if you work in projects, programs,  product management, innovations and risks – you’re also in good company in using SharpCloud. Many of our customers are project managers. We help them to map their projects, programmes, products and more. By using SharpCloud you can see how your projects all align to your strategic deliverables and you can see the gaps that you are missing. 

We have lots of experience with different challenges, and we have videos and case studies explaining what people have used SharpCloud for here.

I am an Exec, is SharpCloud for me?

We know SharpCloud is used by senior C suite executives in many of our clients. Why’s that? Visibility and clarity. Our product makes all your work visible, you can see impacts, connections, data and more, right across your business, in one place for the first time.

Our engaging and interactive software tracks and visually presents the relationships between all your data from every angle, often connecting different parts of your organization that would otherwise be missed. This allows you to see impacts and problems before they occur, allowing you to make adjustments that will save you time and money. We give you immediate insights into the broader impacts of small changes within complex systems you may have globally.

I want to ask ‘What if’ and model my data for decisions

SharpCloud lets you plan for the future, operate in the now and model the ‘what if’ to help understand if you are doing the right projects before you do them right. You can see how to do this in this video here where we model different budgets and data information – or you can put some of your own data in on our free version and see what happens.

Our software visually presents the relationships between all your data from every angle, often connecting different parts of your organization that would otherwise be missed. This allows you to see the problems before they occur, allowing you to make adjustments to projects that will save you time and money.

I am in manufacturing – how do I use SharpCloud?

Manufacturing challenges are the perfect match for SharpCloud, lining up your products, components, suppliers, projects and more in one place to track your delivery and impact unlocks the overview you really need.  


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