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SharpCloud for

Strategy and Roadmapping

Agile software for teams to visually collaborate, co-create, and present roadmaps

Roadmapping and strategy software.

Align business functions with corporate strategy in a SharpCloud story, keeping insight from your roadmapping workshops in focus, not locked away and lost in a static document.

Streamline the process of building and maintaining strategic roadmaps by visualising complex information in a dynamic SharpCloud story. With your data structured in this visual format, with living content, conversations and knowledge transfer occurs naturally and regularly, kick-starting business progress.


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Roadmapping with SharpCloud

Build live visual roadmaps

Build live visual roadmaps

Move from static slides and lists to visual and automatically updating roadmaps which demonstrate the relationships between projects. No more ‘dead documents’ – keep content alive and useful after workshops end. Nested stories allow you to see complex relationships easily.

Prioritise and plan strategies

Prioritise and plan

Explore priorities, ROI and progress across the entire roadmap, and analyse the effect of change with simple drag-and-drop. Reduce the need for screen-sharing and email, and say goodbye to multiple disparate document updates – data changes are reflected instantly in real-time for everyone.

Engage and influence in presenting strategies and roadmaps.

Engage and influence

Run effective workshops around data-rich dynamic roadmaps which build credibility and consensus. Present from any device for an agile and accessible experience a world away from the standard dry, delivery, and change your story on the go to align with outcomes of your audience-centric workshop.

Connecting detail to
high level strategy

“SharpCloud enables us to look at information at the strategic level and still be able to drill down to the detail. The ability to collaborate with contributors helps us to further improve the accuracy of our roadmaps. SharpCloud helps us to connect detailed activity to global strategy and make it possible to properly engage with the information within our organisation.”

Peter Corby,
MTC, UK HVM Catapult

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Features for Roadmapping

  • Relationships – Join related data points, wherever they are in your story
  • Dynamic presentations – Engage your audience from any device
  • Collaboration – Working together on one story is beautifully simple
  • Seamless synchronisation – Helps keep documentation relevant after a workshop ends

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