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SharpCloud for

Risk Management

Risk management software

Create interactive, non-linear content, with all the detail you require, helping you to clearly identify and present risks to an engaged, involved audience.

Juggling complicated spreadsheets and creating presentations that incorporate every bit of relevant information and data can be a killer for engagement. To ensure risks are understood and addressed appropriately, risk managers need to communicate complex issues across all levels of the business in such a way that grabs – and keeps – attention and interest.


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Managing risk with SharpCloud

Risk communication

Bring your data to life

Incorporate your risk data in your SharpCloud story in an instant. Gain a new perspective as spreadsheet rows and columns seamlessly transform into flexible data-rich views, and everything is kept in sync automatically.

Visualise and communicate enterprise risk

Visualise enterprise risk

Visually communicate the impact and likelihood of all threats, along with the level of control while being able to drill down and explore every detail dynamically. Clear relationships help you understand how various risks interconnect with each other and the wider business.

Plan and present your risk strategy

Plan your strategy

Avoid, mitigate, or accept? Analyse the relationships and interdependencies within your data to understand the ramifications of each approach. Clear visual presentation makes it easier than ever before to identify, assess and prioritise risk.

Gaining New Insight

"SharpCloud is a great tool for executives looking for meaningful insight across the business. Here at Network Rail our enterprise risk team has created visually intuitive business risk stories for review with the board. These SharpCloud stories have allowed us to uncover new insight, in particular around the strength of relationships between risks and projects with the added ability to dive down into details when required. Without SharpCloud these strategic discussions would be much less productive and less meaningful."

Helen Hunter-Jones,
Head of Group Risk, Network Rail.

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Features for Risk Management

  • Relationships – Join related data points, wherever they are in your story
  • Conditional formatting – Automatically highlight important issues
  • Rich media – Add documents, presentations, videos or links to individual threats
  • Monitor activity – Every view, comment and change is logged in an exportable audit

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