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Video How Technology Can Help Manage Enterprise Risks


Having an engaging way of presenting risk is key to having engagement from senior business leaders or decision makers. Producing those engaging windows into Risk Registers should not be delivered in a static and potentially one-use document.

SharpCloud creates intrigue and interest around the risk register but allows users to explore how risks are potentially connected, a key element that spreadsheets struggle to provide. With such a visual platform, refined conversations can take place around important information, allowing for quicker and more effective decisions to be made.

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Features in this video

  • Interdependencies

    Easily see and explore connections between risks and projects in the story.

  • Filtering

    Being able to quickly filter items in and out based upon data values to have a refined conversation

  • Dynamic presentations

    Engage your audience from any device both 'in the moment' and after the event

  • Monitor activity

    Every view, comment and change is logged and easy to access