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Net Zero End to End Template

Plan your long and short-term objectives to meet environmental goals and adhere to your Corporate Social Responsibility.


Plot out milestones and objectives on your organization's journey to becoming carbon neutral, and analyze your progress in real-time, keeping full visibility of your alignment to your goals.

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Who is the template for and why?

Using SharpCloud's Net Zero End to End Template for your Net Zero strategy gives you greater visibility of your Net Zero journey. It allows you to see and understand how your data is connected and what you must consider when making strategic decisions to ensure you meet your environmental goals on time.

This template helps to provide the insight into each initiative or project you plan to undertake to achieve your objectives, and the actions you need to take to help reduce any delays and stay within budget.

This sustainability template, focused on Net Zero initiatives, is specifically designed to kick off your Net Zero Projects. From Gap AnalysisStrategic Priorities, and Projects to measuring your progress against Carbon Reduction, our template will guide you through each step and provide the insights you need to take the right action.

A strategic overview shows all aspects of your Net Zero data from the core objectives you’re working towards, UN goals to align to, industries you’re working with, through to the Portfolio's you're managing and the Projects you’ve implemented to achieve your goals.

This template answers questions like:

  • Are the objectives achievable?
  • Does continuing with this activity make sense?
  • What are the benefits associated with completing this activity?
  • Will the benefits outweigh the associated costs?

Feel free to explore our template by clicking around!

Why our customers loves this template

See the big picture
See the big picture

Give everyone involved in your Net Zero journey a clear view of what needs to be done, who is doing what, the progress against it, and how it contributes to the bigger picture. 

Map relationships
Map relationships

Some Projects will need to happen before others to gain value. Use SharpCloud to visualize relationships and dependencies to keep things moving smoothly and on target.

Make decisions as a team
Make decisions as a team

Support both top-down and bottom-up decision-making discussions with engaging visuals for visualizing complex information in an easy to understand way, facilitating productive team deliberations.

End to end solution
End to end solution

This template takes our Net Zero templates and builds them together for you into an end to end solution you can start using today. Transform and connect your siloed data into meaningful information.

Process to get started

Create a free SharpCloud account
Signing up is easy and it's the first step towards accessing the free template and getting started with your project.
Click through the views and read the side panels
Before diving into the template we recommend taking a moment to click through the views and read the information on the side panel as it will help you understand the purpose and functionality of each view.
Follow the get started guide
We recommend going through the comprehensive Get Started Guide as it will provide you with valuable insights on how to use SharpCloud and empower you to tailor the template to your specific requirements.
Start working with your data

Now that you're well-equipped, it's time to dive into the template and begin inputting your own data. Invite colleagues for free to collaborate on the template to enhance teamwork and foster valuable discussions.

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