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Dive into our blog for practical tips and tools that will empower you to bring clarity to your data, make confident decisions, and reveal meaningful insights.
Nicky ClarkeNovember 17 20227 min read

10 ways to stop your projects failing

Blog post series Do the right thing - Blog #3 Why do projects fail? A project becomes a ...
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Nicky ClarkeNovember 16 20223 min read

How to start choosing the right projects

Blog post series Do the right thing - Blog #2 Choosing the right projects can be ...
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Nicky ClarkeNovember 15 20222 min read

Are you doing the right projects?

Blog post series Do the right thing - Blog #1 The future of successful project management ...
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Nicky ClarkeOctober 31 202210 min read

The importance of strategic alignment and how to achieve it

In the wise words of Stephen Covey, “Most leaders would agree they’d be better off having ...
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Nicky ClarkeSeptember 12 20228 min read

How to communicate insights with data storytelling

The rate that businesses collect data today is phenomenal. Despite the surgence of ...
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Nicky ClarkeJuly 14 202210 min read

What is Enterprise Risk Management and the top 8 tools to achieve it!

Risk is part of all our lives. As a society, we need to take risks to grow and develop. ...
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Nicky ClarkeJune 21 20224 min read

5 Steps to Start Your Net Zero Journey

Global carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced by 45 percent by 2030 from 2010 levels ...
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Nicky ClarkeMay 23 20227 min read

The importance of a Business Innovation Management Strategy

Managing innovation through a Business Innovation Management Strategy has been recognized ...
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Nicky ClarkeMay 19 20224 min read

Better risk visualization leads to more informed decisions

Organizations are fast recognizing the benefits of digital, particularly visual ...
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Nicky ClarkeApril 19 20227 min read

Why you need to adopt an Agile Supply Chain Management approach

Covid has subjected us all to the perils of supply chain issues, the most memorable being ...
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Nicky ClarkeMarch 28 20225 min read

Keep hybrid R&D teams in manufacturing agile and connected

Manufacturing is a sector in transition. Rapidly changing consumer demands, prolonged ...
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Nicky ClarkeMarch 14 20226 min read

Overcoming challenges of hybrid working in manufacturing

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers’ visions for the future of work were ...
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