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Dive into our blog for practical tips and tools that will empower you to bring clarity to your data, make confident decisions, and reveal meaningful insights.
Jorge AntonettiFebruary 16 20234 min read

The 4 key benefits of having a digital roadmap in 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your project seems to be moving forward ...
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Nicky ClarkeFebruary 13 20235 min read

The 2 biggest manufacturing industry challenges in 2023 and how to overcome them

Manufacturers are feeling the pinch as they face various challenges in 2023, including ...
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Nicky ClarkeFebruary 6 20234 min read

The 4 biggest Manufacturing trends you need to know for 2023

As the world of manufacturing continues to evolve, it’s important for manufacturers to ...
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Craig WallaceJanuary 24 20233 min read

Add value to your Wardley Maps with SharpCloud

Craig Wallace - Global Head - Strategic Offerings & Partnerships at CGI, talks to us ...
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Nicky ClarkeJanuary 20 20237 min read

Patient Journey Mapping: A key tool for improving patient experience and retention

The global pandemic certainly accelerated the shift to digital healthcare. According to ...
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Nicky ClarkeJanuary 16 20236 min read

Agile Change Management in 2023: The new approach

No organization can afford to stand still. There are always new challenges to meet, and ...
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Nicky ClarkeDecember 22 202211 min read

The benefits of top-down bottom-up management

We talk a lot about top-down bottom-up management but what do we really mean by this? The ...
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Jorge AntonettiDecember 20 20225 min read

5 things to know before you start Roadmapping

Visualizing the efforts and progress of your business is not only critical but absolutely ...
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Nicky ClarkeNovember 24 20226 min read

How to do the right projects right

Blog post series Do the right thing - Blog #6 Doing the right projects right is an ...
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Nicky ClarkeNovember 22 20228 min read

How to do the right thing and pick the right projects

Blog post series Do the right thing - Blog #5 Why do we need to figure out what the right ...
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Nicky ClarkeNovember 21 20225 min read

How to align your projects to strategic goals

Blog post series Do the right thing - Blog #4 If we're NOT doing the right projects, how ...
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Nicky ClarkeNovember 18 20225 min read

How to achieve strategic alignment

Forbes says, “There is no universal or one-size-fits-all prescription for a winning ...
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