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Simplifying complex business decisions

Top Tips for Effective Project Portfolio Management Communication

In the fast-moving world of business and particularly during times of uncertainty, communication is a vital tool. But, in spite of its undeniable importance, many of today’s organisations do not take advantage of readily-available project portfolio management technology engineered to help effectively organise, report and present data.

Successfully disseminating key information to stakeholders in an engaging, concise and coherent fashion can positively impact your organisation’s business objectives. But, how do you effectively communicate to achieve the optimum outcome?

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SharpCloud Is More Than Just Data Visualisation

Your audience are more likely to understand and remember your message when it’s accompanied by visuals, especially interactive and engaging ones. We remember 30% of what we read and 80% of what we see.

We live in a data rich world and as the volume of information and data grows, so does our need to easily capture, organise, visualise and share it. Communicating complex and vast sets of data in a compelling and engaging way is an age old problem.

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4 Essential Features of Project Portfolio Management Software

A survey by PWC found that the top three causes of project failure were:

  • Poor estimates during planning
  • Scope changes
  • Insufficient resources.

All of these issues point to the need for portfolio management, which provides an overview of all projects in order to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and benefit to the organisation. Choosing software to manage your project portfolio can seem daunting, but once you understand the core problems that need to be tackled, the choices become clear. Here are 4 essential features for your project portfolio management (PPM) software.

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Business resilience - The Corporate Memory Elephant in the room

It’s there. It’s huge. It has already trampled on corporations in the 1990s that ran ill-considered downsizing initiatives. Corporate memory loss is a growing danger for organisations dealing with the rapidly changing working environment. It is vital for organisations to capture and retain critical knowledge. 

One in four UK employers expect to make permanent redundancies because of the coronavirus crisis, while more than half will furlough staff, according to a People Management and CIPD survey. Firms could also be at risk if their workforce's fall sick at the same time. And it will take more than the peanuts of Post-Its and PDF documents to keep the value of corporate knowledge within an organisation. 

Corporations don’t know how to handle it, so simply ignore it. However, the evaporating corporate memory elephant is not going away. In fact, it’s the opposite. And it will take more than the peanuts of Post-Its and PDF documents to keep the value of corporate knowledge within an organisation, instead of watching it disappear at the next leaving party. 

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How Strategic Planning software can help you keep control of your project

Strategic planning software can drastically improve the efficiency and success of a project. With opportunities to set out visual roadmaps, collaborate and track changes with your team in real time, keeping control of your project has never been easier.

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