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The SharpCloud Blog

The SharpCloud team share their insights into visual roadmapping, dynamic presentations and the project planning process

Meet SharpCloud for Innovation & Strategy Pathfinder, Ron Oren, from Transport Systems Catapult

"SharpCloud has enabled to us to pull together a wealth of resources, in a variety of different views and visually communicate it to our business, public and private communities in an engaging online repository."

Ron Oren, Principal Strategy Analyst at Transport Systems Catapult


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Meet SharpCloud for Project Management Pathfinder, Nathan Dillon, from Thermo Fisher

"SharpCloud is reducing a lot of headaches by saving time, improving collaboration and increasing process efficiency, which is resulting in more informed business decisions across our Project Portfolio."

 - Nathan Dillon, IT Project Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific


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Meet SharpCloud for Technology Roadmaps Pathfinder, Pete Osborne from the AMRC

"From a management point of view, SharpCloud for Enterprise has given a much greater visibility across the complete portfolio and enables the senior management team to rapidly delve into the detail of planned activities, to show how they link directly to our partner’s needs."

- Pete Osborne, Senior Technical Fellow, AMRC 

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Meet SharpCloud for Workshops Pathfinder, Sarah Parry, from Chaucer Consulting

"With SharpCloud, your curiosity is instantly switched on. By default, you decide which bit of information you want to dig into, how you want to view the data, or where you want to go you within the story."

- Sarah Parry, Knowledge Manager, Chaucer

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SharpCloud for SharePoint and Excel

SharpCloud is visual software for strategic portfolio management. We provide executive management with new insights and relationships across their organisation. Typical use-cases include; Enterprise Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Innovation and IT Roadmapping.

As an interactive data visualisation platform, SharpCloud can help improve strategic portfolio management across the business and communication to your leadership teams. SharpCloud is brilliant at blending and leveraging data and resources from the line of business tools you currently use to support, run and deliver your Strategic Portfolio.

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