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Headline consulting partner, Chaucer specialises in digital transformation and programme management, delivering technology and data driven change. With expertise spanning consulting, life sciences and digital, Chaucer can help you to use SharpCloud to plan, visualise and implement strategic change in your organisation.


North American, headline business partner. Kitewire is a full service SharpCloud business partner providing SharpCloud software, technical support, professional services and systems integration for customers at the US Federal government and North American companies. In addition to SharpCloud SaaS, Kitewire can also provide SharpCloud On-Premises or as private cloud installation, they are GSA approved and manage SharpCloud for Federal Government from the US Amazon GovCloud.


T-Systems Multimedia Systems (MMS) is a digital consulting and integration specialist headquartered in Dresden, Germany. T-Systems Multimedia Solutions can help you deploy and use SharpCloud in accordance with German data protection laws.


VisualFUSE is a strategic transformation and process improvement consultancy based in Australia. VisualFUSE can help you to embed SharpCloud into the continuous improvement of your business processes.


CGI is a global provider of IT outsourcing, business consulting and systems integration services. As part of their Digital Strategy offering, CGI regularly utilise SharpCloud as an effective and creative visual communication tool for Enterprise.


Alvis is a business intelligence and data visualisation consultancy in Finland. Alvis can help you to apply SharpCloud to visualise your technology roadmaps to improve collaboration and decision making.


Roelto is a business collaboration consultancy, specialising in visual communication, BS 11000 (ISO 11000) implementation and online workshops. Roelto can help you master SharpCloud and improve collaboration through visual communication.

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