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OPSAM Cyber Security

"The easy way to manage and structure your IT Security"

One Page Security Architecture Management is an end-to-end solution enabling your business to strategically manage its cyber security.

Provided by Robert Redl, Comparo.

Get real time visibility of your agile projects and the relationships between them. Full transparency across your portfolio, risks, and duplicate activities results in more informed decision making.


Who is the solution for and why?

OPSAM is a security management framework supporting the administration and optimization of Security. Cyber security is an organization-wide responsibility. 

The framework includes functions for the following topics:

  • ISMS (Information Security Management System)
  • Risk Management
  • GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Review and Audits
  • Portfolio Management


This solution is suitable for any company of any size affected by cyber security standards, regulations and best practices.

  • CIO/CISO/C-Suite
  • Team Leaders/Senior Managers
  • SME's and Enterprise.

Cyber security breaches have many consequences. Businesses may lose customers and revenue; tarnish their reputation and brand, or face legal battles. Companies can also be subject to significant fines and penalties. It's essential to have an overview of the company's position and the measures that need to be taken to avoid such consequences. 

Why our customers love this solution

Available templates
Available templates

To support an immediate OPSAM deployment, templates are available for these standards:

ISO 27001, ISO 27002, NIS, NIST/IKT Cybersecurity Standard, Cybersecurity-Checklists.
Faster & more effective
Faster & more effective By bringing together the knowledge of best practices with the capability of SharpCloud we can offer the security manager a toolbox to manage security in the best possible way and visualize gaps quickly.
noun-filters-3684393-FFFFFF Different lenses of information
Different lenses of information We can handle a complex topic from different angles, providing a one page high level overview for senior management and more detailed views for operations.
noun-write-944022-FFFFFF Collaborative workshops
Collaborative workshops We run collaborative workshops at the beginning of the process to establish an overview of your company and ascertain whether the standard model fits your needs or adapt it accordingly.

Process to get started

OPSAM has a reference model consisting of processes, organizational units, guidelines, information objects, skills, culture objects and tool categories that are necessary for security management.
The reference model is based on proven best practices and can be easily customized from medium enterprises to international and critical infrastructure enterprises.
With the endless possibilities in SharpCloud, enhancements and adaptation to individual requirements are quick and easy.
To get started, please get in-touch with our team at hello@sharpcloud.com.

Support information

Robert Redl and Comparo are dedicated to offering support with your OPSAM Cyber Security framework. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, get in-touch with the Comparo team for their expert guidance and support.

Online technical support

Users with an active subscription to our platform are eligible for access to our top-notch online technical support.

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User training

We provide public and private training options to help you and your organization make the most of your investment in SharpCloud.

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