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ISO 44001 - Gap Analysis

Complete your ISO 44001 Collaboration Gap Analysis visually and collaboratively with internal colleagues and external business partners. Provided by Jason Hier, Founder & Director at Roelto.

Enable people and data to work together in harmony. Integrate data visualization, powered by SharpCloud, and the ISO 44001 Collaboration Framework.


Who is the solution for and why?

Roelto's ISO 44001 Collaboration Framework is the perfect solutions for Quality Managers and Directors, Programme and Project Managers and Directors, Business Leaders, SME's, and Enterprises across any industry, who are looking to gain more benefits from collaborative working.

The ISO 44001 framework for Gap Analysis identifies where the gaps are, the overlaps, and the opportunities, to really focus on the things that will support the collaboration. This will bring benefits especially for business relationships or supply chains with high levels of risk and investment.

Further benefits include enhanced business performance, reduced costs, increased competitiveness, improved innovation and managing business risks effectively. The Institute for Collaborative Working commended the ISO 44001 Collaboration Framework:

“As an accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitator and a Member of the Institute for Collaborative Working (MICW), Jason has created the ISO 44001 Gap Analysis App, powered by SharpCloud to facilitate collaboration. The App is based on the ISO 44001 framework specification and provides an excellent starting point to assess the potential benefits of adopting a collaborative approach.”

Why our customers loves this template

Align people, processes and technology
Align people, processes and technology Identify gaps between your people, processes, and technology. Align your team and ensure you have the right people to deliver the right outcomes.
Ready to be implemented
Ready to be implemented The framework is 80% completed and the remaining 20% is configurable to align it to your business by adjusting the framework to suit your needs.
Get the right information and data
Get the right information and data Remove the friction of siloed data and issues around transparency and accountability. Bring clarity to decisions when you're capturing all of your data in one place. 
Hybrid collaboration
Hybrid collaboration By enabling people across the globe to add in their ideas, you can support innovation. People can comment, vote, and add in additional information at any time. 

Process to get started

Create a free SharpCloud account
Signing up is easy and it's the first step towards accessing and getting started within your ISO 44001 Collaboration Framework.
Add in your processes, systems, and more
To fill out the configurable side of the framework, add in your processes, systems, and anything else that is important to your team.
Analyze the findings
Investigate and understand your business areas, initiatives, systems, etc. and critically analyse what you can do to make improvements.
Begin to make improvements
SharpCloud provides a new level of insight, clarity, and reassurance that the decisions and changes you are making are the correct ones.

Support information

Jason and Roelto are dedicated to ensuring your ISO 44001 Gap Analysis is successful and is implemented seamlessly. If you encounter any issues, please get in-touch with the Roelto team for their expert guidance and support.

Online technical support

Users with an active subscription to our platform are eligible for access to our top-notch online technical support.

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User training

We provide public and private training options to help you and your organization make the most of your investment in SharpCloud.

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