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The Strategic Alignment Platform

Create, connect and align your strategy, operating model and roadmaps to support your transformation journey and accelerate value realization.

The Strategic Alignment Platform provides a one stop shop for your Transformation Management.

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Who is the solution for and why?

91% of organizations have a strategy to become more agile and digital in the way they operate their business, yet only 25% of organizations realize the value they were expecting.

This solution is for companies that want to become more agile, competitive and sustainable, and for executives that have to navigate their organizations through an increasing number of changes to achieve this. The platform is suitable for global companies of any size and across any industry sector. We currently work with clients in Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities & Energy, Transport, Space and Government.

Agile delivery approaches have introduced new ways to visualize work progress, providing teams and decision makers with new insights, encouraging transparency and collaboration.

The Strategic Alignment Platform provides a one stop shop for your Transformation Management.

From our global client experience across industries, we offer clients the following services:

Managing their journey towards sustainability: Our Sustainability Maturity approach measures where the organization is today, helps identify leadership actions, and measures progress.

Creating strategic alignment and shared value: Our digitized sustainability strategy and road-mapping services facilitate a model of continuous change, improving the ability to sense and respond. Enables data-driven decisions to be made within seconds at speed & scale towards a more sustainable future.


"We believe the power is in seeing and understanding the connections, managing complexity and creating more achievable plans focused on realizing shared value."

Why our customers loves this template

Accelerating the discovery process
Accelerating the discovery process Using pre-populated models (like STEEP), assessments and canvases, we can quickly understand the organizations external and internal context. The Platform brings structure and depth to the analysis.
Assessing business strengths and gaps
Assessing business strengths and gaps CGI’s Business Agility Maturity Assessment is built for modern, dynamic, complex organizations, and manages the design, distribution, collection and analysis of the Maturity Assessment.
Visualizing connections and managing complexity
Visualizing connections and managing complexity The Platform visualizes the Strategy, Operating Model and Execution elements across the enterprise whilst visualizing dynamic relationships that arise.
Focusing on a shared value
Focusing on a shared value We use the Five Capitals model to identify shared value and build value hypothesis alongside Wardley Maps to help align stakeholders and make informed decisions.
noun-audit-5814815-FFFFFF Improving transparency and decision-making
Improving transparency and decision-making The Platform allows you to design and customize Kanban Boards to align with your organization’s stagegate processes and stakeholder needs.
noun-line-chart-1069821-FFFFFF Visualizing progress and tracking value realization
Visualizing progress and tracking value realization The Platform provides a number of visualizations that can be customized to meet the reporting and tracking needs of the organization.

Process to get started

Digitizing the strategy, operating model and relationships

Our Strategic Roadmap Platform contains models and views enabling you to facilitate, collaborate, analyze and make decisions. It also enables capturing the choices and decisions made, forming the connections that need to be managed.

Create your views
The flexibility of the platform allows for customer branding, terminology alignment and modification to capture specific customer information or inclusion of existing preferred models and views.
Discover and Envision with your insights
The Platform helps organizations to adopt a sense and respond approach, connecting the dots between drivers of change, stakeholders, strategies, objectives, operating model, product/service, execution and shared value. Improving alignment increases the probability of realizing shared value and becoming a sustainable business.
Design, Plan & Execute your process
Creating an agile process that can adapt quickly to continuous change while optimizing operations, is key to achieving balance. Balance is continual, and it is achieved by always taking a holistic approach to enterprise decisions—across their value chain.

Support information

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. We are insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate returns on your investments. Across 21 industry sectors in 400 locations worldwide, our 88,500 professionals provide comprehensive, scalable and sustainable IT and business consulting services that are informed globally and delivered locally.

We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost success of your Strategic Alignment solution. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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