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Nicky ClarkeFeb 21, 2023 9:53:12 AM< 1 min read

Make your milestones matter!

We know you love to use Timelines to plan, organize, and track progress for projects as well as identify and understand patterns. Our new timeline improvements mean you can see the full business picture and keep your project work aligned with strategic goals and current business systems.

Better alignment with more familiar timelines

We’ve made timelines more flexible and more visually recognizable and consistent with other LoB tools you may use. These familiar timeline characteristics enable you to really explore your data and make better strategic decisions to deliver your goals.

New feature changes highlighted in the video below include:

  • Enhanced milestone visualizations - see how they relate to or affect your project
  • Grouping on y axis
  • Reverse axis order
  • Enhanced layout options - improved view interactivity

HubSpot Video