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Nicky ClarkeApr 28, 2023 11:02:00 AM1 min read

Koncept Rail can really see the value coming from their work

Koncept Rail Solutions Ltd play an integral part in the transformational change being driven by digitalisation and decarbonisation within the logistics industry.

Alex Norman, Project Co-ordinator for Koncept Rail Solutions, works as a part of the National Deployment Team - facilitating the rollout of the East Coast Digital Programme which aims to bring digital signalling, ETCS, and ERTMS to the railway of the future. 

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Alex explains they were looking at large datasets, which don't tell a story.

"We wanted to build a visual picture onto that, which would provide us with more value. SharpCloud is much better than spreadsheets at visualising relationships and presenting information in a user friendly and interactive way. It keeps engagement high in terms of involving the stakeholders with the work that we're doing, and they can really see the value that’s coming from that work."

SharpCloud is saving time

"Previously, having information in lots of different places meant that I was running around trying to take information from various sources. Now having it all in a coordinated area really makes my role easier and saves me time which I can reinvest in the project."

Read the full case study here or watch the video below!

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