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Nicky ClarkeMar 9, 2023 4:14:30 PM1 min read

General Dynamics have the high impact visibility they need

General Dynamics UK are one of the UK’s leading defence companies and an important supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence. 

General Dynamics

Pamela Bland, Senior Systems Engineer, needed a better way to share and collaborate around their roadmap which was quite static, very one dimensional and not accessible to her customer. Tasked with finding a more suitable collaborative tool, Pamela was introduced to SharpCloud.

"Most of our work is done in databases or Excel spreadsheets across different parts of the organization, so the ability to bring all those spreadsheets together and focus in on the relevant information for a particular product was what sold SharpCloud to us."           

SharpCloud is providing improved visibility and accessibility.

Essentially, it’s bringing in data from different areas of the business and making it more accessible for the customer. Customers want to see the sustainability of their system in a single view.

"We have a simple picture telling us if and where we’ve got a problem and how it’s going to be solved, or where we need to find an alternative solution to avoid losing any capability."

High impact visibility 

"The real benefit is to the customer using SharpCloud for their presentations to senior management, sustainability working groups, and to the Army. We've seen through the roadmap that they've been able to communicate more clearly what the issues are and as a result have received more cooperation and support to provide some of these solutions."

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