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5 of the Best Presentation Software Tools That Won't Break the Bank

A truly great presentation is invaluable. It can motivate, captivate and inspire as well as create a platform for discussion and debate. It makes sense to assume that you'll need to invest in premium-grade software to create a truly powerful presentation. But, in truth, there are a number of affordable alternatives to rival the likes of premium powerhouses’ PowerPoint and Powtoon. 

Here we look at five of the best presentation tools on the market that won't break the bank.

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SharpCloud for Enterprise

Businesses of the future are looking at ways to break siloed behaviour. SharpCloud was created to help businesses transform the communication of their complex projects, risk, data and initiatives and act as a catalyst in supporting businesses to better tell their story, around business collaboration and reporting.

SharpCloud’s strategic focus has been to deliver a scalable solution that brings new insights, efficiency and value to enterprise businesses to help them plan, report on, communicate and take decisions about their business activities. 

SharpCloud for Enterprise builds on the capabilities of our current product for Small Business, and allows forward-looking organisations to go further and truly transform their business process efficiency and business agility.

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Business Leadership in the Future 

Business is changing, fast. Winning companies in the future will understand the changing dynamics between the company, its employees and customers, and deal with the constant change by creating a more transparent, agile and collaborative environment, where everyone is working together to achieve a shared, clear vision. 

Rather than the “leaders on high” determining strategy and operational decisions and pushing them down through the organisation, decisions will be pulled from the edges of the organisation, where the employees are closest to customers, and increasingly working directly in partnership with them. Customers will influence more and more decisions over time.  

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Why Data Visualisation Will Always Surpass Spreadsheets

There has been an explosion in the amount of data generated since the dawn of the digital age. Modern-day companies are so awash with information that the phrase ‘Big Data’ has risen to prominence, quantifying the zettabytes of digital information amassed daily. As the technical revolution continues to generate more technology capable of data-capture, the challenge of finding value within the information paradigm is growing.

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Dynamic Collaboration Brings SharpCloud and Babcock to Market

SharpCloud Software Ltd, a visual communication and collaboration Software Company, and Babcock International Group, a highly-skilled engineering services organisation, are working together to support customers operating in complex, regulated and mission critical environments to collaborate and visualise information in a secure and unique way.

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