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SharpCloud US Events - Customer Success Stories 

We spend a lot of time working with people who are challenging the status quo and finding a new way to achieve their business objectives, and we have some great customer success stories to tell you.


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Why KITEWIRE is SharpCloud's Preferred Technology Provider for the US Government

SharpCloud Software and KITEWIRE are working together to bring transformational technologies to the US Government to help its organizations achieve “full value” from their workforce, resource investments, and leadership.

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Changing the Way Government Is Run in Hawaii using Roadmapping in SharpCloud

CLIENT State of Hawaii Office of Enterprise Technology Services

CHALLENGE Create and share a strategic roadmap to aid communication within the agency, facilitate planning of information technology (IT) projects across all state departments, and enhance government transparency.


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What's Most Important in Risk Communication?

George Bernard Shaw once said: "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

This phenomenon can be observed every single day, in businesses throughout the world. The sender believes they have communicated clearly, when perhaps they haven't, while the receiver believes they have understood the message, when perhaps they haven't. Risk communication is certainly not free from "the illusion", so what are the best ways to ensure messages are understood and acted upon?

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Common Challenges in Risk Communication

No matter the  organisation  involved or the approach used,  risk  will never be completely eliminated from business activities. Instead, the goal of risk management is to enable a project to meet business goals in the presence of uncertainty. The communication and reporting of risk is a key part of this process, yet remains an under-developed and often troublesome practice. So what are some of the common challenges to be faced in risk communication? 

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