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Using Risk Information to Enhance Partner Relationships

We use Risk Management as a way to reduce uncertainty and complexity in our projects. Yet, despite all our efforts, do we still find it an effective means to collaborate with our partners? Will Foulds of Redstone Risk Ltd looks at one way in which we can use risk management to enhance working relationships with partners.

The truth is, if we're honest with ourselves, that risk management as a discipline, does not seem to have significantly advanced in the last few decades. We live in a very different world to that of 1995, or even 2005 for that matter. We conduct our lives in different ways; we no longer access information in the manner in which we used to; we communicate in hugely different ways. Information, technology and data are all around us, yet we find that the same old ‘traditional’ methods of risk management are routinely rolled-out to assist modern day projects. We simply don't seem to make best use of this technology, data and people around us.

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5 of the Best Presentation Software Tools for Creativity

A truly great presentation is a powerful thing. It can inspire, sell a product, motivate and even change the way the audience sees their world. Often what separates an average presentation from a “game-changer” is creativity. While PowerPoint and Keynote are tried and tested means of delivery, they’re unlikely to win you any prizes for innovation.

So, if you’re looking for something a little more stimulating to get your point across, what are the options available to you? Here we look at five of the best creative presentation tools on the market.

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What Makes the Best Presentation Software?

Great presentation software is invaluable. A well-crafted and visually impressive presentation has the power to inspire and motivate an audience, sell a product or idea, or instil new skills and understanding. However, to create a presentation with such capabilities, you need the best presentation software for your business.

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How Strategic Planning Software Can Help You Keep Control of your Project

Strategic planning software can drastically improve the efficiency and success of a project. With opportunities to set out visual roadmaps, collaborate and track changes with your team in real time, keeping control of your project has never been easier.

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SharpCloud on Microsoft Azure Breaks Down Silos & Transforms Team Performance

As a valued Microsoft partner with an application built on Microsoft technology, SharpCloud were invited to participate in the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services program which is specially designed to help partners be successful on the Microsoft platform and drive awareness among potential new customers.

“SharpCloud is building on the scalability and security of Microsoft Azure to deliver enterprise-strength solutions across strategic business processes. Azure gives our customers the confidence that the SharpCloud service can scale along with their needs.” – Sarim Khan, Co-founder, SharpCloud.



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