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Case study Risk Management Consultant, Thomas Fletcher, from Chaucer


“For me personally, SharpCloud challenges my way of thinking. Using a different solution to visualise the data you look at regularly, makes you think differently about the problem at the same time. SharpCloud naturally changes the way you want to visualise that data and bring it closer to the decision makers.”

Thomas Fletcher,
Partner: Data Informed Transformation

Thomas talks about how SharpCloud is challenging his thinking and helping his clients to visualise their risk.


The business problem

That is always the most important question; what is the problem you are trying to fix? For example, in a risk context, there’s always plenty of data available but what do you actually want to do with it? Most organisations have hundreds or thousands of risks in excel registers and other systems, but if they are not using it to inform and shape key business decisions, it’s not particularly useful.

You really need to visualise the main events or risks you are trying to manage, what is going to prevent you from achieving the results required, or make you successful, and who needs to be involved in those decisions?

How does SharpCloud solve the problem?

SharpCloud provides a different way of visualising and interpreting the data, which immediately grabs people’s attention as they are so used to seeing it in more traditional formats such as written, PowerPoint slides, excel etc., where they can’t actually get to the data.

Being able to articulate the data back in a clear way and show the relationships between the different component parts, which is key in risk management, enables you to slice and dice the data and bring it much closer to the decision makers, with the ability to summarise it or dive into the detail as required.

Why did this problem exist?

"SharpCloud helps to frame the question differently. It’s the ability to look at multiple variables at one time and visualise different dimensions."

You can sort of achieve this in Excel by applying multiple filters, but you lose insight by stripping out lots of the data. Sometimes, not having the right data is the most important insight you need and you don’t even know it’s not there. With SharpCloud, it’s much easier to see the data that's missing and spot the gaps.

With SharpCloud, you can put a lot more, rich content into one visual, to enable you to bring the data to life. This becomes a lot more complicated and time consuming to do in other tools, and when the data changes, you spend even more time updating your work.

What makes SharpCloud unique?

The ability to create views for different audiences and stakeholder groups, using the data from the source, saves a huge amount of time, and increases confidence in the data being used to make decisions. 

That’s where we’ve found SharpCloud to be beneficial and with data-driven views, when the data has refreshed the visualisation of the data is refreshed, that whole process is accelerated and much more efficient.

Benefits; personal, corporate and client

SharpCloud is a different way of visualising the data you look at on a regular basis. It has challenged my thinking and the key message I’m trying to get across, and more importantly, how the audience is going to receive that message and adapt it. By using a different solution, it makes you think differently about the problem at the same time. It naturally changes the way you want to visualise that data and bring it closer to the decision makers.

Here at Chaucer, we use SharpCloud a lot internally for playbooks around our core capabilities; Process Mapping, Business Improvement and Data Analytics. This has given everyone internally a great way of accessing and interacting with key information about these business processes, such as sales collateral, content, tools and templates. For someone new to the business, these playbooks are a great place to start and they link to SharePoint, ensuring documents and templates are always up to date and easy to refresh.

In addition to this, each of our industry vertical strategies are built out using SharpCloud. Everyone now uses the same structure, format and types of data to build out their strategies, which ensures consistency across the operation of the business, making it much easier to look at from a global perspective.

With clients, SharpCloud has helped us to really stand out across a number of business use-cases, such as visualising risk and/or programme and portfolio performance and running knowledge capture sessions. We use SharpCloud as part of our client delivery, to visualise a whole portfolio of projects we might be running, and make ourselves more efficient, saving time and effort.

In fact, the more we’ve used SharpCloud, both internally and with clients, the more it has helped us to deploy SharpCloud where it adds the most value. It becomes even more important to define the problem to be fixed. What is the actual use case for SharpCloud? Coming up with the right answer is key....SharpCloud is often one part of the overall solution, rather than the solution. 

Quantifiable results

"SharpCloud removes all of the noise between the source data and the decision making. What's being presented will not only help to make decisions but speed up the decision making process, as you can drill down to the detail if needed."

SharpCloud has definitely enabled us to win more business, particularly within Life Sciences, where it has been a big differentiator within the sales process, not only as part of the solution, but as a great tool for us to visualise and manage a clients portfolio, helping to make us more efficient and add more value.

From a client perspective, early indicators within oil and gas show a huge saving in time and effort using SharpCloud. It currently takes around 500 man hours to generate a pack of data, but once all the data links are there, viewing the output in SharpCloud will remove most of that rework. Being able to tie the output back to the source data and not have that manual input will save a huge amount of time and energy.

Headline consulting partner, Chaucer specialise in digital transformation and programme management, delivering technology and data driven change. With expertise spanning consulting, life sciences and digital, Chaucer can help you to use SharpCloud to plan, visualise and implement strategic change in your organisation.

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