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This is what clarity of thought in roadmapping feels like

SharpCloud's roadmapping software allows you to examine your plans by territory, by supplier, budget, or anything that's important to you.

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Visualize your data roadmap like never before

Only with SharpCloud can you see the relationships between all the various points in your data...uncover the giant ripple effect of even the smallest change. Giving you the power to make clearer business decisions.
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Embrace success in your roadmap

3x more effective reporting

- Team Defence Information
225 projects tracked simultaneously

- Propulsion
1 big picture of safety, security & sustainability

- Abellio
250+ hours saved monthly thanks to dynamic data

- Roelto
337 items of
risk data
in one view

- Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue
5 risk visualization awards

- Network Rail

Bring clarity to your roadmapping, and see every problem from every angle

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Unlock roadmap success by effectively tackling these challenges using SharpCloud.


Don’t let complexity veer your business off course

SharpCloud will bring clarity to your R&D decisions


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Discover the capabilities of SharpCloud and experience a new level of clarity. Gain the insights and perspectives you need to drive growth, innovation, and strategic decision-making.

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Find out how companies are excelling with SharpCloud RoadMapper

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Roadmap that integrates technology, research infrastructure, and regulations to increase the likelihood of a successful launch by 2035/40.

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Dynamic roadmap that helps provide better transparency and improve visibility to how the overall Portfolio is doing, as well as individual projects.


Roadmap that is bringing in data from different areas of the business and making it more accessible for the customer.

What our clients say

Pete Osborne resized-1
Pete Osborne Senior Technical Fellow, AMRC 

“From a management point of view, SharpCloud has given a much greater visibility across the complete portfolio. SharpCloud allows us to examine the relationships between different items in our technology roadmap, then dive deeper into the data for a greater level of detail.” 

Craig Wallace
Craig WallaceGlobal Head, CGI

“We needed a tool that consolidated complex information while allowing people to navigate the data in a nonlinear way, exploring the relationships between story items and seeing how they interact. SharpCloud was the solution” 

Pamela BlandSenior Systems Engineer, General Dynamics

“Our roadmap was static, one dimensional and not easy to share or collaborate around. SharpCloud give us better visibility of our data. It allows us to bring in data from different parts of the business, meaning the customer can see it more easily.” 

Alex Norman
Alex NormanProject Coordinator, Koncept Rail

"SharpCloud is much better at visualizing relationships and presenting information in a user friendly and interactive way. It keeps engagement high, and stakeholders can really see the value that’s coming from our work."

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Unlock a new level of strategic clarity

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