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The problem we solve

In an increasingly complex business world, teams of enterprise workers are still communicating with their stakeholders using slide-decks, spreadsheets & email! Their static silo based documents fail to engage stakeholders and even worse fail to support decision making.

What is SharpCloud?

SharpCloud is visual communication software for business. On day one your business teams can pull together data, videos, feedback and presentations in compelling visual stories and when ready they can share with their private stakeholder communities.

We have many business uses, all increase team productivity and here are just 3 of them!

Digital devices

Why Use SharpCloud

Be more productive

For the last 25 years most enterprise workers have been limited to telling their business stories using a combination of spreadsheets and slide decks. If you’re one of these people SharpCloud can take you and your business storytelling to the next level of productivity.

Cross-functional teams

It’s well documented that established companies are looking for new and innovative tools to support cross-functional business teams. To gain this competitive advantage SharpCloud is a brilliant way to create teams around business knowledge and content cross-functional and also cross-company ventures and collaborations.

Enterprise Ready

SharpCloud can scale to support your enterprise business. Available with ActiveDirectory integration and an open API for customisations and live data connectors. In addition, SharpCloud for iPad and our mobile Apps are also available to enterprise users.

SharpCloud is available from:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Installed on the cloud provider of your choice
  • Installed On-Premises, on your hardware behind your firewall

Fast for Digital Transformation

SharpCloud is fast becoming the software of choice for rapidly progressing on digital transformation projects. Previously transformation projects required involved and lengthy IT involvement, consuming valuable time and often resulting in a static portal/website for communication on the project. As a minimum, SharpCloud can be set-up on-premises by your IT within one working day and teams and stories can be created and shared immediately by your business users.

Available on PC, iPad, and Mobile & hosted in the Cloud, On-Premises or on your Cloud

Start your SharpCloud transformation today

The SharpCloud Story

In 2008 Sarim and Rusty started a research discussion with a few friendly enterprise companies about their issues in communicating the right numbers (and supporting information) to their executive communities at the right time for collaboration and decision making.

For many business processes it was very clear from these early discussions that they had identified a communications gap which in most cases was covered by an unsuccessful combination of static slide decks and spreadsheets, leading to linear conversation. Ultimately, decisions were still made on individual opinions due to the poor nature of executive information support.

The idea of SharpCloud was born from these early discussions and what became evident from their research was the need for a less row-column based solution and the need for a visual consumer-grade software across all platforms, with offline working and both cloud and on-premises business models. SharpCloud Software was formed in January 2012 and is working with many leading companies on improving business communication and productivity.

Sarim Khan and Rusty Johnson became great friends when they met on their first day at university in 1989, they are the co-founders of SharpCloud Software and previously led Pertmaster Ltd to its successful acquisition by Primavera Systems Inc. (now Oracle Inc).

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