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Nicky ClarkeJan 23, 2023 10:51:00 AM1 min read

Introducing Beta Mode

Join our Beta program! 

Welcome to an elite group of users that we're seeking guidance from as we continue our journey in product development and functionality. We need your help and ideas to keep us innovating and together we'll drive change. 

What is Beta?

Get your hands on upcoming features and begin playing around! Help us decide which features to prioritize and add valuable feedback for enhancing them. 

How to access:

Join Beta Program

How to provide feedback: 

Look out for surveys and in-product prompts to provide feedback on certain new features we've released! 

And as always, please reach out to support with any additional feedback. 


What's currently in Beta? 

  • Connectors - Simplify your data input by connecting to 200+ connectors, including Excel Online, MySQL, REST and others, taking advantage of our partnership with CData.

    Benefits include:

    • Standardised single approach to data access
    • Quality data; managed in standard way, safely, accurately, repeatable process with lower risk
    • Connect to cloud, on-premise, hybrid sources in the same way
    • Business users can combine multiple sources more easily to build relationships and unique insights
    • Cost-effective and scalable solution for business and IT, that leverages existing IT investment in corporate data stores
  • Data Pool - one central place to store and pull your data from. A perfect pairing for data connectors, you can now convert a story into a “Data Pool” which allows a story to hold up to thousands of items which can then be filtered into other stories, having your data in one central story.
  • New Timeline View - An improved view to help with roadmapping, including improved milestones, enhanced dragging functionality and the ability to reverse the y-axis.