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Imagine what business agility looks like

Roadmapping software for enhanced strategic alignment and collaboration

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One platform. Many solutions.

Support all your Strategic Portfolio Processes with SharpCloud

Website_HomepageIcons_UC-Strategy+HorizonPlanningStrategy and horizon planning
Website_HomepageIcons_US-EnterpriseRiskEnterprise risk
Website_HomepageIcons_UC-TechnologyInnovationTechnology innovation
Website_HomepageIcons_UC-PortfolioManagementPortfolio managment

From strategic portfolio management to roadmapping, businesses are transforming the way they work with SharpCloud

A new dimension in roadmapping

SharpCloud gives you visibility, alignment, and control over every strategic decision, every discipline, and every project in one place. 
It's the roadmapping platform you can trust

Golden thread

Build connectivity. Unlock agility

Embrace your organization's complexity and use SharpCloud to help uncover the hidden insights and gaps between strategy and execution. Transform your planning from doing projects right, to focusing on the right projects, accelerating business competitiveness, agility and performance.


No credit card needed, free trial forever.
One flexible platform

Build a roadmap to fit your needs

SharpCloud's low/no code flexibility allows solutions to be easily customized for/by you. Simply incorporate nuanced and specific factors like market trends, human context, geopolitical events, economic conditions, and even regulatory developments. Empower your team and organization to become more adaptable to change, risk and open to future opportunities. 

Seamless integration

Connect everything, visualize anything

SharpCloud helps break down organizational silos by complementing existing technology, unifying classification and extracting the critical information specific to any roadmap or plan. We help visualize the big picture and align people, processes, and projects to deliver the most impact on strategic direction. 


No credit card needed, free trial forever.
Real time co-planning

Dynamic roadmapping

Enable nimble planning with live information updates, in one place, accessible to all, with data you can trust. Effortlessly collaborate, govern, and side step operational risks and roadblocks together. 


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Be more effective with SharpCloud

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), organizations globally waste an estimated $1 million every 20 seconds due to the ineffective implementation of business strategy through poor portfolio and project managament practices. 

Value of SharpCloud across the organization

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Cost and waste reduction

With SharpCloud’s ability to link complex cause and effect relationships, you can uncover underperforming projects and duplication.  Minimize gaps between planned and actual costs and stay on track to deliver strategic goals.


Strategic prioritization

Be more responsive to change and reprioritization with SharpCloud’s built in flexibility and real time data updates. Enhance your ability to align projects and initiatives with strategic imperatives.


Stakeholder engagement

Having live data updates in one place allows you to brainstorm, flex, and adapt the roadmap in real time without disruption to meetings or presentations. With SharpCloud, build better co-planning, collaboration, trust, and transparency. 


Increase efficiency and capacity

Understand dependencies, and risks across portfolios and use SharpCloud to enable the planning, management and allocation of resources, setting realistic goals, and continually monitoring progress.


Knowledge and skills management

Map the link between skills, projects, process, and technology to easily identify potential knowledge gaps and skill transfer opportunities that ensure project delivery and the organization's competitive edge. 

What our clients say

Pete Osborne Resized - White background
Pete Osborne Senior Technical Fellow, AMRC 

“From a management point of view, SharpCloud has given a much greater visibility across the complete portfolio. SharpCloud allows us to examine the relationships between different items in our technology roadmap, then dive deeper into the data for a greater level of detail.” 

Craig Wallace
Craig WallaceGlobal Head, CGI

“We needed a tool that consolidated complex information while allowing people to navigate the data in a nonlinear way, exploring the relationships between story items and seeing how they interact. SharpCloud was the solution” 

Pamela BlandSenior Systems Engineer, General Dynamics

“Our roadmap was static, one dimensional and not easy to share or collaborate around. SharpCloud give us better visibility of our data. It allows us to bring in data from different parts of the business, meaning the customer can see it more easily.” 

Alex Norman - White background
Alex NormanProject Coordinator, Koncept Rail

"SharpCloud is much better at visualizing relationships and presenting information in a user friendly and interactive way. It keeps engagement high, and stakeholders can really see the value that’s coming from our work."

Untitled design (5)
Steve EnrightUK Head of Safety, Security & Sustainability, Abellio

"I can see the high-level strategic aspects and below that, the stakeholders, actions, and working groups aligned to those goals. I can then drill down further into sources of data and link to external data and analysis for further information."

Sue Nugent Progile - White background
Sue NugentRisk, BCM & Insurance Manager, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue

"It's fair to say that before SharpCloud, it was really difficult to keep momentum on action tracking, progress updates, and closures. It has been transformational in showing information in this way to multiple risk control and action owners."

Phil Williams Profile - White background
Phil WilliamsTeam Defence Information

"We can highlight and expose the weaknesses and risks and capture information around projects or people before it’s too late. SharpCloud cuts out the noise, highlights the areas to focus on and prioritizes the work to be done."

Rhianna-Warden-profile White background
Rhianna WardenProgramme Director (Interim), Network Rail

"The portfolio dashboard provides a digital and interactive view of the benefit maps allowing instant interrogation of benefit data through multiple views and the ability to isolate relevant information."

Lewis Choi Profile - White background
Lewis ChoiVice President, Digital Platforms & Engineering, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The ability to visualize real time updates and insights in a collaborative fashion, helps provide greater visibility and interaction to how the overall Portfolio is performing."

Untitled design (6)
Sam StuartSafety & Environment Business Partner, West Midlands Trains

"Everything is in sight. I can see the action owners and the actions they're responsible for. I have the visual reassurance that key risks are being managed effectively and senior management have the high-level overview they need to understand what's going on."

david-shipp-profile white background
David ShippEnterprise Risk Manager, Network Rail

"Getting senior leadership attention and enabling the organization to understand and manage the risks of achieving our objectives; for me SharpCloud is priceless."

tristan-bacon-profile White background2
Tristan BaconResearch Associate, Zenzic

"With SharpCloud's powerful data handling and dynamic visualizations, what would otherwise be static information becomes a rich and responsive tool, bringing clarity and context to organizations that span a multitude of relevant sectors."

Evert-Windels-profile White background
Evert WindelsAerospace Engineer, FutPrInt50

"The added value of using the SharpCloud platform is that it shows how these elements work together to show what needs to be done and how. You can make cross-sectional views of your data showing different things. With a click of a button, you can suddenly see all the projects sorted by capability, or technology within a lifetime."

Romain-Gayet-profile White background
Romain GayetProject Lead, Propulsion Quebec

"SharpCloud has helped a lot to achieve our goals! Among many tools, theirs is the one we picked because of its versatility, and because their team is there to help."

Untitled design (8)
Alex DoddsLight Rail Knowledge Manager, Network Rail

"The Light Rail Knowledge Team and Network Rail as a whole is represented professionally at an international level. Easy to use, accessible systems with dedicated product support, help deliver a high quality service to our customers and stakeholders."

Adapt and thrive

Embrace business complexity

As businesses grow and evolve, the intricacy of processes and decision-making also increases. SharpCloud, with its interactive data visualization and collaboration features, allows organizations to effectively manage this complexity.



Bring clarity to your

From executive level to operations, you can flow your work through SharpCloud and keep activities and strategy aligned

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