Organise, analyse, strategise.

Rapidly structure and visualise your business information, however complex. Replace or enhance your spreadsheet with an engaging digital story that naturally aids analysis and heightens strategy with valuable visual insight. 



Comment, co-create, control.

Reap the benefits of true collaboration. Allow users to share, comment and co-produce, and review all changes in an instantly updated audit. Develop a culture of increased co-operation and continuous improvement.



Display, discuss, decide.

Turn meetings and presentations into dynamic decision-making forums, with active and engaged participants. Empower your audience to reach a positive consensus, captured in an ever-evolving document.


Who Uses SharpCloud?

Network Rail

“SharpCloud is a great tool for executives looking for meaningful insights across the business. Without SharpCloud these strategic discussions would be much less productive and less meaningful.”

Helen Hunter-Jones,Head of Group Risk, Network Rail.

Royal Mail

“SharpCloud has helped us make some quite complex models simple [...] I think SharpCloud is a way of very simply and succinctly telling a story in a very compelling way.”

Neil Shah,Royal Mail


“SharpCloud allows us to gather information and feedback across multiple groups of people and makes it possible to properly engage with the information within our organization.”

Peter Corby,The MTC


“SharpCloud [...] allowed me to clearly present quantifiable results that shaped future investment and planning guidance. SharpCloud is unlocking the potential of data driven decision making and bringing the power of analytics into the boardrooms of today.”

Nathan Burkholder,former Director for US Army Technology Wargames

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