SharpCloud “Stories” are data driven visual views with private collaboration across PC, iPad and mobile devices.

SharpCloud For Strategy, Project Portfolios, Roadmapping

  • Strategy:

    “A great tool for engaging an audience and getting to the key point of any data set. I've worked closely with Sarim and Rusty across a number of global orgs and, aside from being thoroughly nice chaps, they know how to build a great service. Definite recommendation for anyone looking to build disperse team efficiencies and create clear and content-rich engagements.”

    Director, CSC

  • Project Portfolios:

    “Release yourself from the traditional tools for presenting data and ideas. The only limit with SharpCloud is your creativity and imagination. An intuitive tactile interface to allow you to view and analyse data collaboratively.”

    Director, HVM Catapult

  • Roadmapping:

    I really like SharpCloud as a roadmap visualisation tool. Its a great way to work with teams to create roadmaps and visions, collaborate and easily understand the relationships between different components of the 'story'. 

    Innovation Director, CGI

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Features and Benefits

Private SharpCloud

Private SharpCloud

You can now install SharpCloud behind your firewall on your hardware. Get in touch to find out more.

SharpCloud For Mobile

SharpCloud for Mobile

Install on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to stay in touch with your stories and community members.

sharpCloud For iPad

SharpCloud for iPad

Share stories immediately with your viewing communities on their iPads!

SharpCloud Consultancy

SharpCloud Consultancy

We build your visual stories, keep your data refreshed so you can make better decisions.