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Webinar Transform your Roadmap: Planning in the Digital Space

HubSpot Video


With 2022 on the horizon, many organizations are plotting or refining their roadmaps for the year(s) ahead.

In this webinar, the SharpCloud team will show you just how easy it is to transform your static spreadsheet and slide deck-based roadmaps into dynamic solutions that can grow with your organization’s evolving complexity.

We’ll build a simple interactive roadmap together and explore some examples of roadmaps we’ve helped customers develop into mature, enterprise-level tools.

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Features in this video

  • Bring in data from every source

    Draw on data from every department to get greater control over costs business-wide.

  • Map interdependencies

    Connect items in your roadmap to discover how new projects are affecting your existing plan.

  • Dynamic presentations

    Engage your audience from any device both 'in the moment' and after the event

  • Seamless Synchronisation

    Data changes are reflected instantly in real-time for everyone