Video Technology Radar for Informed Technology Management

Spot and monitor technologies to inform your technology management strategy

Define your journey for technology investment and implementation.

Utilizing a technology radar with SharpCloud enables you to visualize complex enterprise architectures. Allowing you to present data, show relationships, and see information in a different light. Ideas and strategies can be presented clearly to all stakeholders, promoting buy-in and improving implementation.

Technology radars enable you to visualize and plan for obstacles, allowing you to collaborate easily and implement new technologies in your organization. A technology radar offers a simple overview of your projects, programs, and business all in one place.

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SharpCloud Technology Radar's can:

  • Incorporate data from all sources with simplicity. From every department, to achieve goals easier.
  • Map relationships to discover how each aspect of your data is affecting the existing architecture.
  • Customize everything from colors and text to the data the radar represents.
  • Collaborate in real time with @comments all in SharpCloud
  • Identify problem areas to improve strategy and implementation.