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Customer Webinar The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030


Presented by Tristan Bacon,
Research Associate at Zenzic

Tristan has an MEng in General Engineering, Electronics, from Durham University, where he undertook a research project in connected vehicle communication technologies. Since joining Zenzic, Tristan has worked on multiple technical projects, with a primary focus on roadmapping the UK’s development and deployment of connected and automated mobility (CAM).

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Zenzic is unifying UK industry, government, and academia towards the successful at-scale deployment of CAM in the UK.

In October 2020, Zenzic released the “UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030: CAM Creators Update”, an update to the original 2019 release, that showcases the organizations that are creating the future of UK CAM, and the progress the UK is making against the Roadmap’s 2030 Vision.

In this webinar Tristan Bacon, the technical lead on the update delivers a presentation on the recent update to the Roadmap tool that sharpens consensus and enables collaboration across the UK CAM ecosystem, two crucial aspects to the successful at-scale deployment of CAM in the UK.

In addition, Tristan also gives a live demonstration of the interactive Roadmap, including an outline of the various Sharpcloud tools and functionalities that have helped to shape it.