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Webinar Achieve Strategic Alignment by Joining the dots


Presented by Craig Wallace, Global Head - Strategic Offerings & Partnerships at CGI

Today organizations find themselves in a very dynamic and fast moving market where competition continues to increase, innovation is all around us and change has become the norm.

To compete leading organizations have to position themselves to become more agile, enabling their organization to innovate and implement technology-enabled change at scale, quickly, to maximize their competitive advantage.

Craig has held a number of executive positions where he has been responsible for positioning the organization for future success through the use of digital thinking and technology adoption.

Case Study Discover SharpCloud

Topics in this video

  • Business agility

    The future of work is adaptable and flexible

  • Value, Delivery, Value

    Identifying where value opportunities exist

  • Strategic alignment

    Need to balance between stability and control versus change and pace

  • Manage the complexity

    Through visualizing the connections, you can join the dots and manage the complexity