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Strategic Prioritization Template

This Strategic Prioritization Template provides a clear picture of how every activity is aligned and connected to the overall missions and goals.

See all the relationships between your Priorities, Portfolio, and Projects and how they contribute to the larger picture.

Strategic Priorities

Who is the template for and why?

The connections that exist between our Strategic Goals, Projects, and External Drivers are often overwhelming and complex. By leveraging relationships in SharpCloud, you can tell a clear and tactical story of why you're allocating resources to a specific project - easily map back what you've achieved and how that plays into the bigger picture.

Store as much data as you need against each item - the Strategic Priorities can contain details of the scope, vision, and intent of the action. A Portfolio can show people, teams, management, and instructional approaches. See the connections between items to help roll up any impact score, activity, or cost for each area.

Remember this is real-time dynamic data, it will give you and your stakeholders an up-to-date picture for your priorities at any time.

Use this template to:

  • Map and track activities
  • See the relationships between specific activities and how they affect the larger strategic goals and your overall Portfolio

You can link to larger external influences, or policy to ensure you align to Strategic Objectives, Portfolio and Projects. 

Feel free to explore our template by clicking around!

Why our customers loves this template

See the big picture
See the big picture

Give everyone involved in a project a clear view of what needs to be done, why a project is in the pipeline, the progress against it, and how it contributes to the bigger picture. 

Map relationships
Map relationships

See connections here between individual Portfolios and Projects inside your organization to follow the track of the impact of that work.

Increase collaboration
Increase collaboration

Share this story with others online or in live meetings to add their projects to ensure they are all aligned with organizational priorities and strategy delivery.

Dynamic deliberation
Dynamic deliberation

Using filters, view the data in different slices and see where your best actions/decisions are, what is the impact, and who needs to follow up.

Process to get started

Create a free SharpCloud account
Signing up is easy and it's the first step towards accessing the free template and getting started with your project.
Click through the views and read the side panels
Before diving into the template we recommend taking a moment to click through the views and read the information on the side panel as it will help you understand the purpose and functionality of each view.
Follow the get started guide
We recommend going through the comprehensive Get Started Guide as it will provide you with valuable insights on how to use SharpCloud and empower you to tailor the template to your specific requirements.
Start working with your data

Now that you're well-equipped, it's time to dive into the template and begin inputting your own data. Invite colleagues for free to collaborate on the template to enhance teamwork and foster valuable discussions.

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