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Video SharpCloud for PI Planning

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When distributed teams turn to multiple platforms to run their in-person process virtually, it often leads to confusion, duplication, and extra effort getting everything synced up after the workshop.

With SharpCloud, the capabilities of multiple digital tools are combined in a single platform. Our easy-to-use forms and a variety of data-driven views allow you to successfully run a remote PI Planning session with your Agile teams.

And don't forget, SharpCloud can easily connect to tools like Jira so your project data can be visualized and synchronized with very little effort.

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Features in this video

  • Dynamic presentations

    Engage your audience from any device both 'in the moment' and after the event

  • Planning Poker

    Using our handy QR codes, team facilitators can run remote Planning Poker to assign story points

  • Filtering capabilities

    Filter by team, by iteration – even hide items that don’t have dependencies so you can zero in on what’s most critical to your conversation.

  • Collaboration

    Communication, cross-company innovation: everyone is in the same digital space and can update data remotely