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SharpCloud Care in Action Case Study with Chaucer

Chaucer have partnered with SharpCloud to help Care in Action better the lives and opportunities of children in care. Care in Action has a simple but powerful vision: “Children need more than food, a roof and basic education, they also need family, love and positive integration into society”. 

"You brought us this amazing tool SharpCloud which is like from another cosmos! SharpCloud is a great tool for presenting the work of the organisation and its projects, in a simple and attractive way." 

 - Care in Action team

Care in action

In Ukraine, only 10% of children who have been raised in care will successfully integrate into society. Care in Action works to better this intolerable situation by ensuring they receive the support they need to improve their wellbeing, develop their potential and succeed at leading a self-determined, independent life.

A team of Chaucer consultants set out to help promote and support Care in Action’s message through a way the company knows best; by combining digital transformation expertise with deep industry experience to ensure lasting change.

Last October, the Chaucer Team travelled to beautiful Lviv, Ukraine taking with them a packaged management toolkit, consisting of a data driven storytelling, project management and visualisation software, SharpCloud and various presentations exploring Fundraising, Marketing & Engagement, Knowledge Management, Design Thinking, Project Management, KPI's/Reporting and GDPR.

This CSR initiative kicks off the special relationship between Care in Action, Chaucer Consulting, SharpCloud and more importantly its beneficiaries, the children.

The business problem

Care in Action are incredibly passionate about what they do but recognised they needed to improve the structure, accountability and clarity of their organisation. By creating a more transparent environment they hoped to work more effectively and efficiently and standardise business and project management activity.

They needed a tool which would inspire them and allow them to modernise their approach to everyday business processes and better facilitate what they do and how they work together.

They had information all over the place and wanted to create a repository of up to date information which could be easily shared and accessed. They wanted to be able to collaborate across locations and they needed to be better at engaging with their employees, external stakeholders and future donors with a more attractive and effective way of presenting their information and business case.  

Chaucer wanted to provide the skills, resources, capabilities and tools to help Care in Action become better at what they do without changing what they focus on. SharpCloud was an obvious choice of tool as it ticked so many boxes of what Care in Action needed.

Why had other tools not solved this problem?

The charity was using traditional file sharing methods which made it difficult for employees to find information and often resulted in documents being duplicated and inaccurate. Static presentation software was un-engaging, particularly for fund raising opportunities and old-fashioned methods were not allowing for effective cross company/cross location collaboration.

Visual collaborative software such as SharpCloud was completely new to Care in Action and helped inspire them to change their mindset and modernise their business methods and processes in order to progress.

How has SharpCloud solved this problem? 

During the visit to Ukraine, SharpCloud was used to run a series of workshops and training sessions around fundraising, marketing, knowledge management, KPI's and design thinking, in order to capture the output from these discussions and build stories live with workshop participants.

Chaucer were able to set up a number of linked SharpCloud stories prior to the trip and run a clear planned agenda through SharpCloud showing different views, dependent on the workshop topic, and add in ideas via Forms giving an accurate live output of the workshop.

No additional write-up was required after the workshops, actions were already identified and the charity had a number of working stories which they could collaborate and build upon. 

The charity now has a repository of information and a 'Care in Action Overview' which can be used for storytelling and presentation and is actively linked to all important aspects of their association such as fundraising, KPIs, marketing mission, news etc.

SharpCloud has enabled Care In Action to engage more effectively with stakeholders and show the same information in a more interesting and engaging way. 

Care In Action 1

Key benefits to Care in Action

Care in Action is a hard working charity with limited resources and to have access to such an exciting tool like SharpCloud has enabled them to work more effectively, standardise business and project management activity, and communicate better both internally and externally.

SharpCloud has allowed them to see themselves differently, change their mindset and inspire them to be more innovative, progressive and forward thinking. Using SharpCloud has enabled them to communicate with themselves and others in more exciting ways and given them fresh ideas and a creative edge.

“The tool can help volunteers to think from the perspective of children in care to single out their major needs. Applied to work with teens in care, this design thinking approach can help them to recognise and understand their own fears and strengths, to gradually find a solution to a certain problem they have and to make an important decision (e.g. choose a profession). SharpCloud is a great tool for that. SharpCloud makes presenting the work of the organisation and its projects simple and attractive for the outsiders. Besides, it can be used for the inside procedures such as saving & storing information, structuring different materials and creating digital products to be used for the workshops or presentations.”

SharpCloud has the wow factor and has been able to satisfy all of the charity's needs across a lot of different areas. 

Care in Action were impressed that by using these digital tools you can visualise and work together much more effectively. The people at Care in Action absolutely loved SharpCloud!

Care In Action 2

Checking in on Care in Action, the Chaucer team can see that the charity regularly uses the tool and revisits some of the stories and workshop output that they had helped create.

By providing pro-bono consulting services, Chaucer enabled Care in Action to professionalise their operations, redefine and communicate their organisational identity, strategy and programs, build project management capability, and energise and modernise their team with innovative tools and methods; allowing them to make a greater, more sustainable impact.

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