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Network Rail ALARM 2
Nicky ClarkeJun 25, 2019 10:45:01 AM1 min read

Network Rail Win Alarm Risk Award 2019, using SharpCloud!

Following their success at the IRM Global Risk Awards, Network Rail won another award last night; the ALARM Risk Award for Best Use of Technology in Risk Management, using SharpCloud for Enterprise Risk Visualization.

network rail copy

“Career highlight for me tonight! It was such an honour winning this award for Network Rail through my risk and controls visualisation project, and a special mention to SharpCloud Software especially Russell Johnson who has helped design and develop our risk visualization offering from its basic conception through to providing full risk and controls insight. We have only just begun this journey so stayed tuned!”

– David Shipp, Enterprise Risk Manager, Network Rail

The ALARM Risk Awards were created to recognize achievement in risk management, acknowledging the work of risk and insurance practitioners across a number of categories.

David Shipp - SharpCloud Pathfinder

"Getting senior leadership attention and enabling the organization to understand and manage the risks of achieving our objectives; for me its priceless."

We are currently using SharpCloud as a common platform to store and visualize all our strategic risk information. We can clearly identify and emphasize key dependencies, drawing attention to the key discussion points. We are developing our maturity further by providing a means to visualize our key controls that appear in multiple risks and to provide vital assurance to those control owners around whole organisation deployment.

SharpCloud’s main strength for me is that it is NOT a risk management tool. It’s versatility and broad appeal as a data visualization platform opens more doors to improvement than risk management specialist tools do.

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