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SharpCloud Learning Training for your team

We provide tailored role-based training and off-the-shelf packages that can be combined to suit your specific needs. Explore the course outlines below to identify the types of training you are interested in. We’ve provided typical course agendas and durations to help you.

We will work with you to design the perfect package for you and your team.

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Solution or Role-based Training for your team

The duration and number of course sessions will vary based on your specific solution.

Ensure that your whole team has the right skills and knowledge to carry out their required tasks using SharpCloud. Whether you are using SharpCloud as your roadmapping solution or for any other use cases, we will design a training program so that the right people are trained to perform one or more of these typical task roles:

  • Add and update content
  • Explore and view content
  • Import and manage data
  • Maintain and enhance the solution
  • Manage users, permissions & licenses

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Fast-Start training for Reviewers

1-hour facilitated course for up to 20 users

Make the most of your Reviewer license. You’ll learn to confidently navigate SharpCloud and fully explore its rich content. You’ll use SharpCloud’s interactive capabilities to unearth valuable new insights and provide comments and feedback to stimulate conversation. In fact, you’ll be amazed by how much you can do!

Sample agenda:

  • Introduction to SharpCloud
  • Navigate your dashboard and open stories 
  • Understand how SharpCloud interprets and displays data  
  • Explore items and relationships  
  • Explore and filter views 
  • Select and play presentations 
  • Provide feedback through forms and comments
  • Share stories with others 

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Training for your Creators

Learn to create great stories and solutions. Introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses take you through the rich capabilities of SharpCloud, helping you take full advantage of your Creator license to build compelling single stories through connected solutions for your whole team to use.


Introductory training - sample agenda

3-hour facilitated course for up to 8 users

Learn all the essential skills to get started with SharpCloud, including working with data, creating impactful views, and using interactive features to unearth rich insights and important inter-dependencies.

Sample agenda:

  • SharpCloud Introduction - how SharpCloud interprets and displays your data 
  • Create and navigate stories
  • Create items and relationships, and work with categories, attributes, and tags  
  • Paste data from Excel and use simple connectors 
  • Create great views - including Layer, Grid, Table, and Timeline views
  • Use Interactive filters and explore content
  • Present and share your story 
  • Add rich content through panels

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Intermediate training - sample agenda

3 hours facilitated course for up to 8 users

Extend your SharpCloud skills - learn how to use advanced configuration of views, enhance data through calculations, add widgets for new visualizations, and create dashboards & navigation to help others explore your stories.

Sample agenda:

  • Automate data import (from your database or Excel) 
  • Capture and edit data using Forms 
  • Configure advanced views and customize item appearance
  • Manipulate data using powerful calculations
  • Embed widget views and external content
  • Create dashboards and custom navigation using widgets
  • Collaboration, sharing, and permissions 

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Advanced training - sample agenda

3 hours facilitated course for up to 8 users

You’ll learn how to approach the design, build, and maintenance of a set of connected stories (an ‘Enterprise Solution’). These skills will allow you to create solutions that support multiple business teams and stakeholders across your organization, allowing them to collaborate efficiently around their roadmaps and strategic activities, transforming your business processes.

Sample agenda:

  • Design considerations
  • Inheritance and the fundamental principles of SharpCloud for Enterprise
  • Typical roles and responsibilities
  • Data and content management options
  • Building the templates and working stories
  • Inheriting items, sharing items and pulling in items ‘on demand’ (Enterprise views)
  • Exploring cross-story interdependencies
  • Assigning user access and permissions using sharing, teams, and directories

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SharpCloud Accreditation 

Are you ready to take your team members' SharpCloud skills to the next level? Our accreditation program is designed to enhance, test, and recognize your team members' skills and competence in using SharpCloud to create real business impact. 

The Practitioner Accreditation program comprises two courses that use common business scenarios to help you not only develop well-rounded SharpCloud skills but understand how to deploy them to create positive change within your organization. 

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“The sessions were delivered in small groups led by a SharpCloud expert, so there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss our own experiences. This meant I could easily apply what I was learning to my own SharpCloud solutions. The content supplemented my existing SharpCloud knowledge and I now feel confident building more complex enterprise solutions.”

Fernleigh Timpson
Business Intelligence Analyst

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