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Roadmapping as a Service

Professionally delivered consultancy and software service, offering you an end-to-end approach to your roadmapping challenges.

Adopt a fully-integrated approach to improve organizational resiliency and time to decision, accelerating returns on investment.



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Who is the solution for and why?

SharpCloud's Roadmapping as a Service solution provides businesses looking for improvements in their decision-making process and organizational resilience with an end-to-end, fully integrated approach through a customized implementation process, tailored for your exact business needs.

Aligning and tracking business objectives is crucial for organizational resiliency and roadmap development.​ Our solution enables you to visualize the relationships between roadmap efforts, their real-time status, and business objectives, in addition to how they align to the overarching organizational strategy. 

You will further benefit from this solution if, like many organizations, you have a lack of alignment and visibility of the services and products you must deliver. Without a solution to these common business issues, every day you risk not being able to make the right decisions at the right time.

If you are looking to improve organizational resiliency to more easily adapt to change, to increase the speed of efficient decision-making, or want a customizable, bespoke, fully-integrated roadmap to keep you ahead of the competition, our solution is for you.

What is our Roadmapping service?

Our fully-integrated approach is centered on customer collaboration to accelerate the solution into your business. Customer requirements inform the size, type, and timeframe of Expert Services’ five-step install process.

  1. Roadmap demo and size determination
  2. Legal and commercial terms agreed​
  3. Roadmap outputs, benefits, and constraints aligned​
  4. Building and launch of Proof of Value​
  5. Review and customer hand-off 

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A successful digital roadmap relies on the quality of 8 key elements:






Efforts and Tasks


Stakeholder Access


External Data Quality


Risk Management


Decision Efficiency


Real-time Data Availability

Three service opportunities:

Sizes and types are primarily determined by the number of users, commitment length, and connection types a customer desires. Large size service opportunities will require Expert Services input.






And three service types:

Service type will determine timescale with an average 4-8+ week implementation dependent on customer element quality and requirements or opportunity size.


Proof of value




Full Service Implementation

Why our customers love this template

Align people, processes and technology
Align people, processes and technology Identify gaps between your people, processes, and technology. Align your team and ensure you have the right people to deliver the right outcomes.
See the big picture
See the big picture Look holistically across the business environment, leadership, practices & processes, and more to bring clarity to your decision-making.
Make decisions as a team
Make decisions as a team Support decision-making discussions with engaging visuals for visualizing complex information in an easy to understand way, facilitating productive team deliberations.
End to end solution
End to end solution This solution provides an end-to-end way of visualizing and analyzing your data for intelligent decision making across the business.

Process to get started

Get your bespoke solution
Your first step is to book a call with our Customer Success team who's goal it is to understand your data, goals, situation, etc. to inform your bespoke roadmap solution.
Importing your data
Now you have your hand-crated roadmap, import any of the data you need to see with our 200+ data connectors.
Analyse and map relationships

Think analytically on your data sets and map their relationships - how are they interconnected? What relationships are important for you to see?

Unlock collaboration across your team
Using your new dynamic roadmap, multiple users can edit, view, and collaborate at once to bring more clarity than ever to your data and decision making.

Support information

We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost success of your SharpCloud solutions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Online technical support

Users with an active subscription to our platform are eligible for access to our top-notch online technical support.

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User training

We provide public and private training options to help you and your organization make the most of your investment in SharpCloud.

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Our team offers unparalleled expertise and a fresh perspective to assist you in developing a powerful solution that effectively addresses your business challenges.

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