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PI Planning Toolkit

Elevate Agile Project Management with the most flexible, visual, data-driven PI Planning tool for hybrid project teams and cross-team collaboration. Powered by SharpCloud.

Get real time visibility of your agile projects and the relationships between them. Full transparency across the portfolio, risks and duplicate activities results in more informed decisions.


Who is the solution for and why?

PI Planning is a crucial part of the agile process, but it can be difficult to coordinate PI Planning events for teams that are spread out geographically. PI Planning Toolkit helps to lead hybrid PI Planning events without distraction, avoids manual copy-paste work, and ensures alignment and focus across all your teams. 

With the collaborative support offered by PI Planning Toolkit for strategic planning workshops both in-person and remotely, this PI Planning solution offers a virtual collaboration space and a consolidated view of all team and program boards. Teams can seamlessly move between views: their sprint planning boards and the boards of other teams, helping unlock the value of centralized visualizations of work.

Leverage real-time, data-driven capabilities for PI Planning. Connect disparate Agile planning and work tracking tools, such as Jira, in PI Planning Toolkit and synchronize data for better cross-team planning, collaboration, and transparency around risks and dependencies.

PI Planning is essential for large scale organizations using an Agile approach. Many product teams and agile facilitators use PI Planning to align and bring teams towards one shared vision. There are 5 key roles in a PI Planning event:

  • Release Train Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Developers

PI Planning Toolkit is not only a PI Planning app. This artifact builds the heart and core of the Essential SAFe methodology, but within PI Planning Toolkit all aspects of Agile Enterprise Management can be implemented, up to the connection of Strategy and Delivery.


Why our customers loves this template

Data driven
Data driven

Unlike 'digital post-it note' tools, the PI Planning Toolkit is dynamic - store complex information and drill-down into insights with features like filtering, calculations, processing and relationships.

Filter out the noise
Filter out the noise

Filter by team, by iteration, by date – even hide items that don’t have dependencies so you can zero in on what’s most critical to your conversation.

Keep people engaged
Keep people engaged

PI Planning Toolkit's built-in presentations tool makes it easy for your teams to refer back and keep your vision in mind as they plan, and Forms make it easy for them to update the value of existing items.

Integrate with your favourite tools
Integrate with your favourite tools

With 200+ connectors, SharpCloud makes gaining clarity a breeze when you can import data from platforms including Excel, PowerBI, SharePoint List and more.

Connect people to plan and purpose
Connect people to plan and purpose

Ideas, concepts and strategies can be presented in various views, whilst highlighting supporting information, relationships, and more through Items.

Process to get started

The PI Planning Toolkit template has a standard agenda and walks you through the ordered steps, from:


Determining your team capacity


Identifying epic links to ensure teams are working on the right story items


Working as a team to decide on the story points of various backlog items


Ensuring your sprint is planned in an efficient manner without overloading any teams


Ensuring the work is being carried out in the correct order


Allowing for virtual retrospectives and risk management should your team require this

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