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SharpCloud Learning Accredited SharpCloud Practitioner

There are 8 Places available on our public course at a cost of £750 (excl. taxes) per person.
Time investment: 6h of training and 7.5h assessment work

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If you have a number of users interested in Accreditation, see private accreditation courses for you and your team.

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In this course, you'll learn from instructors who have helped hundreds of customers solve their business challenges at some of the best-known companies around the globe. Gain best practices and develop a deep knowledge as you design your SharpCloud solutions for lasting business success.


The programme is designed to enhance, test, and recognise your skills and competence at using SharpCloud to create real business impact, and solve high-value challenges. 

The Practitioner Accreditation programme comprises two courses that use common business scenarios to help you not only develop well rounded SharpCloud skills but understand how to deploy them to create positive change within your organisation. 

The course is designed to be interactive and fun and provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from their peers as well as from our resident experts.   

Course Structure

The course is split into two 3-hour sessions. Each session is followed by an assessment to put your new skills into practice.  

Session 1:

You will learn how to build a strategic roadmap that answers the important questions typically asked by business leaders, colleagues, and other stakeholders.  For example: are we doing the right projects that align to business goals? Are we on track? Are we doing what our customers want?

Session 2:

You will learn how to extend the roadmapping solution into a set of connected stories (an ‘Enterprise Solution’). Your solution will allow multiple business teams and stakeholders across your organisation to collaborate on, and contribute to the upkeep of, a dynamic, insightful strategic roadmap.


After each course, you will be asked to complete a related practical task and present this back to the trainer to achieve your accredited status. These activities are designed to embed your knowledge and allow you to start preparing to tackle your real-world challenges with SharpCloud. 


The cost of the public accreditation program is £750 (exc) per person.

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To commission a private Accreditation Course for you and your team contact us.

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To get the most from the course you must already have a solid understanding of SharpCloud including the basics of building stories and views and working with your data in SharpCloud.

To help you prepare for the course, follow the links in the table below.




I am an experienced SharpCloud user. I have spent considerable time in the tool and have built and explored many different stories. I am keen for my existing skills to be recognised by being Accredited

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I have a fair amount of experience working with SharpCloud. I am confident with most aspects of the tool but there are a few gaps in my knowledge. I want to fill these gaps and learn more to help me be even more productive.

Quick refresher before you book

I am new to SharpCloud and although I understand the basics, I have not had much ‘hands on’ time. I want to gain a firm foundation and then build up my skills and knowledge. 

Learning plan to get you ready


Still not sure if the accreditation course is right for you? Contact us for a 15min pre-call with one of our trainers, who can help guide you.

Why get accredited?

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Get educated

The world of work is changing at an unprecedented pace. Your skills and knowledge are what will set you apart in this competitive environment, so don't miss out!

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Get recognized

Add a SharpCloud certification to your LinkedIn profile to be recognized by your employer as someone who knows their way around complex data sets and how to solve complex business challenges. Your resume will stand out from the crowd!

“The sessions were delivered in small groups led by a SharpCloud expert, so there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss our own experiences. This meant I could easily apply what I was learning to my own SharpCloud solutions. The content supplemented my existing SharpCloud knowledge and I now feel confident building more complex enterprise solutions.”

Fernleigh Timpson
Business Intelligence Analyst

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Getting accredited demonstrates your commitment to your chosen profession and gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition. 

B. Here is a Quick Refresher

Ok, so you need a refresher on a few areas? No problem. This Get started with SharpCloud quickstart video series is a great way to recap on topics including: an introduction to SharpCloud, creating and editing data, relationships, item panels, views, filtering, and importing data from Excel.

 Great now you’re ready to go. Book your slot on the next course.

C. Here is a learning plan to get you ready

Right let’s get you started on your journey towards accreditation. We recommend that you:

You’ll soon be ready to book yourself on the Accreditation course!