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Prezi Alternative

Create rich, data-driven and dynamic presentations without the need for graphic design skills

Prezi Alternative

SharpCloud is the perfect alternative to Prezi when you need to captivate viewers with compelling presentations that are dynamic and data-driven.

SharpCloud combines the movement of Prezi, the ease-of-use of PowerPoint and the structure of Excel to create stories that both engage and convince.

Thanks to ready-made views and visualisations, SharpCloud lets you share your findings easily and focus on decisions, not design.


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Easier to use than Prezi


Craft presentations with ease

Upload data from external sources, complete with multiple fields and attributes, to instantly create an organised and accurate visualisation that stays in sync. Or craft your story by hand with SharpCloud's simple editing tools.


Visualise instantly

Quickly build and move between the different perspectives on your data thanks to the wide range of built-in views that include common business models. No need to choose what to show - from swimlanes to comparisons, SharpCloud does it for you.


Take a non-linear journey

Break free from rigid, linear presentations and explore your data in any way. Navigate using customised views or follow the visible relationships between items. Drill down into the detail, and out again, at any point.

Complement your way of working

“When we are helping clients with digital transformation it seems odd that we would use Post-it notes, PowerPoint or Excel. SharpCloud allows us to collaborate and present in a way which complements our way of working and the topics involved.”

Craig Wallace
Digital Transformation Global Practice Lead, CGI 

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  • Data-driven views – automatically visualise data in common business models
  • Dynamic navigation – move seamlessly and impressively through your data
  • Rich media – easily add and view supporting videos, images, presentations and more
  • Automation – data is can be synced to its source so that it is always up-to-date

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