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Presentation and

Create a collaborative SharpCloud story, with all data in the same digital space, then bring your findings to life in a dynamic presentation

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Experience true collaboration, giving rise to natural and more effective decision-making. Bring all data and collaborators together in a shared digital space, and work together to create a story and unlock new insight in a culture of cooperation and continuous development.

Choose your ideal presentation style, capitalising on the range of available views, and share your findings easily and effectively. No more last minute scrambling to change slides when information changes – your data-driven SharpCloud Story updates automatically and seamlessly, keeping your presentation up-to-date and equipped with the latest information throughout.


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Presentation and Collaboration
with SharpCloud

Make Collaboration a Joy

Make Collaboration a Joy

Experience true collaboration. Invite unlimited participants to view, comment or co-create your SharpCloud story, monitoring all changes in the instantly updated changelog. Work together across the whole project or assign individuals to their own area of expertise.

Promote Continuous Learning

Promote Continuous Learning

Transform the way your department or business works, with renewed advocacy for collaboration and shared learning. Discoveries are communal, the right decisions are made clear, and useful discussion and energised team-working are natural.

Present the Full Picture

Present the Full Picture

Inspire your audience with an engaging presentation, worlds away from the static sit-down sessions they are used to. Whatever you are presenting, SharpCloud will bring it to life and allow you to showcase whatever level of detail you wish.

Complement your way of working

“When we are helping clients with digital transformation it seems odd that we would use Post-it notes, PowerPoint or Excel. SharpCloud allows us to collaborate and present in a way which complements our way of working and the topics involved.”

Craig Wallace
Digital Transformation Global Practice Lead, CGI 

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Features for Collaboration and Presentation

  • Rich media – seamlessly embed documents, videos or links for a superb presentation
  • Data-driven views – choose your ideal presentation style
  • Monitor activity – every view, comment and change is logged in an exportable audit
  • Automation – data is constantly updated, for effortless automated workflows and reports 

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