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SharpCloud for Microsoft Surface Hub

The Future of Your Work!

Multiply the power of the group with SharpCloud, visual software for collaboration and storytelling.

The Surface Hub is a compelling storytelling platform. At its core, SharpCloud is agile storytelling software. Combine the two and you have the perfect business solution for engaging and productive meetings, sharing content, brainstorming, capturing ideas, feedback and working together as a team no matter where you are.

Built for teamwork, the hub integrates everyone into the collaboration. Quickly build your SharpCloud stories from Excel data and then layer on your Office 365 supporting docs, key relationships and social feedback around your topics.

When you're ready to tell your story, SharpCloud visuals will keep your audience engaged!


Anytime, anywhere, any device.

SharpCloud enables you to communicate and visualise your ideas in innovative, compelling "cloud first, mobile first" ways. Work across multiple devices, accessing data with ease, increasing collaboration and productivity. Creating and sharing content and working together has never been easier.


SharpCloud is a rich immersive visual experience, with a new greatly enhanced 3D view. A truly multi-dimensional interaction through mouse, keyboard and touch, with six 3D worlds in which to explore and visualise your data.


In a collaborative environment, the need to keep personal information safe is paramount, whilst still allowing you access to your data and stories as normal. The Surface Hub login to SharpCloud provides the user with a unique number, removing the need to enter password details on the screen.

No personal information is captured or stored.

Collaboration first

SharpCloud not only enables you to create content in a collaborative environment but also share and review content collaboratively, allowing feedback, knowledge transfer and a continuous journey.

Data or information can be securely shared and viewed on any device, at any time. Reviewers are automatically notified of any activity such as changes to data or comments, allowing them to annotate the content and make any necessary amendments.

next level of interaction

Taking SharpCloud on the Microsoft Surface Hub to the next level of interaction.

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Coming soon: Digital Ink, Cortana

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"It's a very exciting time for teams collaborating in SharpCloud on the Microsoft Surface Hub. We expect more teams to benefit from better decision making as they co-create their SharpCloud stories around the Surface Hub.

The data, collateral, relationships and social feedback in each story serve as valuable corporate memory and forms the basis of powerful stakeholder presentations from the team to their peers, colleagues, leadership, partners and customers."

Sarim Khan, CEO, SharpCloud

SharpCloud for Surface Hub is touch enabled software for your group to naturally co-create their visual stories at meetings, workshops and brainstorms. Teams can see, share and review content effortlessly and contribute equally no matter where they are. Time is spent connecting to people rather than technology, ensuring interactive and productive meetings, leading to better quality decisions.

SharpCloud is a data driven, visual, collaborative storytelling software for business. Your SharpCloud stories can include data, collateral, relationships and feedback from your group, including virtual members.

SharpCloud is available to use online and offline, across multiple devices and is fully touch enabled making it perfect for the Surface Hub, allowing multiple people to interact with the screen simultaneously.


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SharpCloud was named a 'Cool Vendor' based on the "Cool Vendors in Social Software & Collaboration, 2015" report published April 13, 2015 by Gartner Inc.

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