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SharpCloud for


Agile software to effectively organise, report and present your data and findings – no matter how complex the project

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SharpCloud is the only data-driven tool agile enough to enable strategic planning, communication and collaboration to facilitate effective innovation management. 

An effective way to communicate your strategic roadmaps in R&D, NPD, Innovation, Engineering or Projects. SharpCloud has the ability to keep people informed with live, agile and up-to-date information.

SharpCloud improves the process of building and maintaining strategic roadmaps by structuring and visualising large amounts of complex information. SharpCloud allows you to align business functions with corporate strategy and project precision into the future.

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Innovation Management
with SharpCloud

Capture the complete picture

All in one place 

A snapshot of your entire business in an instant, see how all areas affect each other with compare charts, nested stories and relationship views.

Clearly and succinctly visualise and manage trade-offs; which projects to kill, accelerate or prioritise.  

Streamline data collection

Across business collaboration & presentation 

Spark ideas within business units; give them the ability to refine ideas and build synergies on the fly - reducing complexity and costs. 

Changes to data are reflected in real time for everyone, reducing the need for screen-sharing, email exchanges and updating multiple documents.

Increase accountability, improve collaboration

Workshops & Planning

Visually appealing and collaborative, SharpCloud keeps the conversation alive.

Transfer post-event knowledge into the business-as-usual process.

No more 'dead documents' - keep your content alive and useful.

User autonomy and interaction 

"SharpCloud has given us a very strong platform to communicate and collaborate better, and ultimately get more involved with innovation. The level of user autonomy and interaction is one of SharpCloud’s greatest features and sets it apart from other tools."

Michael Barry,
Technical & Innovation Manager, BMT 

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Features for Innovation Management

  • Agile – Higher quality results, in less time, at lower cost and risk
  • Collaboration – Keep innovative ideas transparent and evolving
  • Meaningful Insight – Identify and visualise achievable innovations
  • User Autonomy – Select tags, filters and categories within views and organise your data

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