Here are the most common user questions. Divided in to three sections:
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Can I create stories using the SDK / API?

Yes. Users with a paid subscription (Small Business or Enterprise) can have access to the SharpCloud SDK / API free of charge. This enables users to be able to create personalised stories with large data sets and move data between complex data sources and SharpCloud.


Can I embed a story in my website or on my intranet?

Yes. Users with a paid subscription can publish stories to the SharpCloud Public Gallery as well as embedding their own stories/views within a webpage.


Can I use SharpCloud offline?

Yes. Users with a paid subscription can use SharpCloud offline via our SharpCloud for Desktop app. Viewers can only access SharpCloud online, free of charge, but will need to sign up using their email address.


Do I have to have an Office 365 account in order to use SharpCloud?

No. Anyone can sign in to SharpCloud using a username and password of their choice. However, you have the option to use your Office 365 account where you have one and this gives the benefit to you of single sign-in to SharpCloud.


I used to have a Basic subscription, can I still access the story I created?

Basic subscriptions have been migrated to Viewer subscriptions. With a Viewer subscription you are still able to view and comment on your own story and any other stories that have been shared with you. You cannot edit your story, but when you're ready, you can start a free Small Business trial for 10 days with the option of an additional 21 days extension if you share your story with someone within this period.


What user roles does SharpCloud support?

The community of users who have access to a story can have one or four levels of permission:
Owner - this user is the creator of the story and holds complete administration and sharing rights.
Admin - assigned by the owner and holds the same permissions as above. Essentially is able to edit the data grid, change the story setup and view options, as well as sharing with any user (except transferring ownership).
Edit - this user is able to alter the view options but is not able to change the story setup, enter the data grid or edit individual items.
View - user is able to view and comment on a publicly shared story.



What are the SharpCloud products?

  • SharpCloud for Small Business 
  • SharpCloud for Enterprise 
  • Free Viewer
The SharpCloud Collaborator product has been retired.
SharpCloud Premium has been renamed SharpCloud for Small Business.
SharpCloud for Enterprise users will gain all the functionality of a Small Business subscription plus Enterprise features, ensuring all users have a place for personal stories.


If I purchase a Small Business subscription to begin with, can I upgrade to Enterprise? Is there any migration needed?

You can upgrade from Small Business to Enterprise at any time. The two products are from the same code base, so no migration will be needed. We can activate your Enterprise subscription immediately once the upgrade fee has been paid. 


Can we align all subscriptions purchased throughout the year to one payment schedule?

Yes. Our online payment process offers you the option to add additional purchased subscriptions to the same customer pack as your existing subscriptions, so creating this alignment. However where your organisation has multiple customer packs please contact us.


Do I need a support contract and what level of user support am I entitled to?

For the public service (purchased through the website), the support terms can be found here. For other deployments, support contracts will be provided by either SharpCloud or the relevant business partner.
Users with paid subscriptions can access support via email. Free Viewers can access help through the SharpCloud Help (training) story.


We are a business using Office 365, what benefits does this have when using SharpCloud?

Organisations using Office 365 can choose to apply the consent-framework which will enforce all users from their domain to sign in to SharpCloud using their Office 365 credentials. The advantage here is that all aspects of user authentication (eg. Password protocol, reset frequency etc.) are controlled through your Azure AD settings and this means that leavers and joiners are also handled through your Azure AD.


What is the minimum subscription period?

This depends on the hosting option. For public cloud solutions, the minimum term is monthly. For private or on-premises solutions, the minimum term is 3-years, paid annually.


Can I buy SharpCloud for Enterprise on the website?

No, customers need to contact SharpCloud via the website, we will then be able to set this up either directly or via a partner. 



Can I publish a story to the SharpCloud Public Gallery?

Yes. Users with a paid subscription can publish stories to the SharpCloud Public Gallery. Small Business and Enterprise users can also make a story accessible through a Public URL and can set up and publish to private access-controlled directories.


Is there any limit on storage for my account?

There is no limit to the number of stories you can create or the storage available for your rich content. A single file limit may apply. Fair usage rules apply.


Who owns my stories, me or my company?

The stories you create in SharpCloud are owned by whoever owns the email address domain with which your account is associated.